Total Solar Eclipse Stamps Coming Soon From USPS

New stamp commemorates the Total Solar Eclipse happening on August 21, the first one visible from the continental US since 1979.
Total Solar Eclipse stamps from USPS

On August 21 there will be a total eclipse of the Sun which will be visible from the US for the first time since 1979. The eclipse will travel a narrow path across the entire country, which hasn’t happened since 1918. The path will go from west to east, with the eclipse visible from 14 states.

To commemorate the event, the United States Postal Service has created the Total Solar Eclipse Forever stamp. The stamp depicts a photo taken by astrophysicist Fred Espenak of a total solar eclipse seen from Jalu, Libya, on March 29, 2006. The heat of your thumb or fingers will warm the thermochromic ink to reveal an image of the moon beneath.

These unique stamps will be issued on the summer solstice, June 20, 2017.

NASA Total Solar Eclipse poster

For more information on the 2017 total solar eclipse, including maps showing where it will be visible, visit the NASA site right here.

Want to watch the eclipse? Get your eclipse glasses here.

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