The Unpublishable Pop-up Book of Burlesque

Peter Larkin set out to create a pop-up book about burlesque where the clothes came off. The result is a sophisticated book about twirling tassels that will never be published.
Production designer Peter Larkin created a burlesque pop-up book that will never be published.

Peter Larkin is an award-winning production designer for film and theatre. He began his career in the early 1950s, and soon became one of Broadway’s most respected art directors.

For the last twenty years, however, he has immersed himself in another passion – burlesque. He set out to create a pop-up book of burlesque where the clothes would actually come off. The result is a sophisticated pop-up full of extravagant stage scenes, pink feathers and pop-up breasts in the true spirit of classic burlesque.

Larkin calls it Panties Inferno.

Page from the burlesque pop-up book by Peter Larkin

Page from the burlesque pop-up book by Peter Larkin

Sadly, it will most likely never see the light of day. Publishers have deemed it unpublishable, but not for the reason you may think. It seems the stripping ladies and illustrated nipple tassels are fine. The problem is Larkin engineered a pop-up book that would cost way too much to manufacture.

via The Paris Review

Pretty Things Peepshow

Pretty Things Peepshow

The Pretty Things Peepshow combines Vaudeville, burlesque and sideshow acts that harken back to the early days of the traveling circus when Girly shows and dark, seedy hootchy-kootchy tents lined the midway beside freakshows and human oddities.

The 2013 Pretty Things Peepshow tour features vintage sideshow acts such as chainsaw juggling, fire blowing, human blockhead and other acts by the Dapper Dan of Danger Donny Vomit, as well as a variety of cirque noir and neo-burlesque performances by sideshow seductress Go-Go Amy, hula-hoop burlesque queen Vivacious Miss Audacious and the “Midget of Mischief” Lil Miss Firefly.

For tour dates and more info check out Pretty Things Productions at

Burlesque Queen Miss Zorita Walking Her Snake

1940s burlesque queen Miss Zorita walking her snake

Miss Zorita began performing at stag parties at the age of fifteen and eventually became a famous burlesque queen. Her routines often included the use of snakes, and her most remembered was called “the consummation of the wedding of the snake.”