Tutankhamun’s Burial Mask Damaged Irreversibly

King Tut's burial mask has been irreversibly damaged

Conservators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have reported that the 3,300-year-old golden burial mask of pharaoh Tutankhamun has been irreversibly damaged.

It seems that during routine upkeep last year, the blue and gold braided beard was either knocked off during cleaning or removed because it was loose. It was then hastily glued back on using epoxy.

The museum, apparently, isn’t well versed in proper care of priceless antiquities.

In a bizarre twist that most assuredly has no connection to this incident, the beard of my replica King Tut mask also broke off last year while, transporting it home from the store in the trunk of my car. I hastily repaired it with super glue.


via NBC News

Snow in Egypt

Egypt experienced its first in 112 years, leaving many people who had never seen snow in wonder and amazement on Friday, December 13th.
Snow covers the Giza pyramids after the first snow fall in Egypt in 112 years

While the photos circulating of the sphinx covered in snow are actually from a theme park in Japan, the Middle East was, in fact, hit by a historic snow storm. Roads in and out of Jerusalem were closed due to three feet of snow. Cars were trapped by snow and ice. Thousands were left without power.

This camel doesn’t really seem to care about the snow.