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Russia's Cannibal Island where the Nazino affair took place in 1933

Russia’s Cannibal Island: An Experiment Gone Terribly Wrong

Nazino Island was supposed to become a thriving community, but within weeks the island’s inhabitants resorted to horrific acts of cannibalism to survive.

Mummified body of Thailand cannibal Si Ouey on display at the Siriraj Medical Museum

Si Quey, The Cannibal Bogeyman of Bangkok Who Eats the Livers of Children

Thailand’s cannibal killer was executed for eating the livers of six children in 1959. Now, after decades of public display, the mummified bogeyman has finally been put to rest.

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

J. Maarten Troost’s hilarious travelogue about leaving the corporate life behind to build a new life in the South Pacific.

Cannibals in Love by The Mission Creeps

LISTEN: Cannibals in Love by The Mission Creeps

A reverb-soaked cannibal love song from psychobilly band The Mission Creeps.

Hufu, the tofu human meat alternative for cannibals

Hufu: The Vegan Cannibal’s Alternative to Human Flesh

Hufu was a tofu-based product designed to taste like human flesh, providing an alternative meat source for health-conscious cannibals.