Mushroom Death Suit: Funerals Go Fungal

The Infinity Burial Suit is the latest in green burial, using mushrooms to consume the body and remove toxins as it decomposes.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed the thought of spending eternity trapped in a box, floating in a gooey mass of embalming fluid and putrefaction. I mean, if I could afford an extravagant, pyramid-shaped crypt with an interactive tour of my mortal remains and/or a mysterious (but ultimately meaningless) undecipherable code to keep people guessing for centuries to come…I might consider it.

Otherwise, I would prefer to become a tree.

Or maybe some fungus.

Thanks to the growing movement toward green burial, there is hope. Jae Rhim Lee and Mike Ma, founders of the Coeio company, created the Infinity Death Suit to provide an eco-friendly alternative to standard burial that would remove the 200+ toxins from the body as it returned to the earth.

The Infinity Burial Suit uses mushrooms to aid decomposition

The fibers of the suit are woven with a strain of spores hand-picked for their voracious appetite for human flesh. The body is placed in the suit and buried within 24 hours, allowing early decomposition to activate the spores.

From the company’s website:

Unlike conventional burial and cremation, they do not use harsh/toxic chemicals, pollute the environment, or waste precious natural resources. The Infinity Burial products also go a step beyond other green burial options, by cleansing and purifying toxins that accumulate in the body. If left unabated, these toxins end up contaminating the surrounding environment.

A special strain of fungus removes toxins from the body as it decomposes

Learn more about the Infinity Burial Suit for you or your pet right here.

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Capsula Mundi: Organic Burial Pods Replace Tombstones with Trees

Capsula Mundi would replace traditional coffins and gravestones with organic, biodegradable burial pods and trees.
Capsula Mundi organic burial pods

Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have proposed a new type of green burial that would be eco-friendly and replace cemeteries full of stone with trees.

The Capsula Mundi project would enclose bodies in the fetal position inside egg-shaped capsules to be planted in the ground like a seed. They would then feed trees growing above as they decompose. The project website says “A cemetery will no longer be full of tombstones and will become a sacred forest.”

Capsula Mundi burial pod

Capsula Mundi burial pod

The stages of the burial pod

Personally, I think an egg and a tree is a much better solution than acres of useless land being taken up by headstones and chemical-filled corpses in concrete chambers below.

More on Capsula Mundi here.

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