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Ed Gein graphic novel by Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

Ed Gein Graphic Novel Coming from Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

Dig up the tragic life and disturbing crimes of Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein in the upcoming graphic novel from Eric Powell and Harold Schechter.

Ed Gein brought back to life with Deep Nostalgia AI technology

Ed Gein Reanimated with Deep Nostalgia

Ed Gein is back from the dead thanks to a creepy new tool called Deep Nostalgia that brings old photos back to life through animated deepfake videos.

Searches of the unexplained

Searches of the Unexplained

From Mothman’s butt to post-mortem photography, let’s dig into some of the strange searches that bring fresh victims to Cult of Weird.

Oddities from the Cult of Weird collection

Cursed Objects: Cult of Weird Collection #2

Cursed objects from the collection, including an item once owned by Ed Gein, pieces of Aleister Crowley’s House, and mid-century mortuary handbooks.

Stuff You Should Know podcast Ed Gein episode

Ed Gein’s Real Life Horrors on Stuff You Should Know Podcast

The story of deranged Wisconsin murderer and grave robber Ed Gein is featured in the latest episode of the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

The most recent episode of the Stuff You Should Know podcast recounts the grisly details of Ed Gein – his traumatic childhood, his extracurricular activities with human remains, how he claimed to tear his mother’s head from her body when he opened her grave.

Did you know filmmaker Werner Herzog once visited Plainfield Cemetery with a clandestine plan to verify Gein’s account by exhuming Augusta’s corpse under the cover of dark?

Also, Cult of Weird gets a nice little shout out for the story of Ed Gein’s cauldron. Thanks guys!

Listen to the episode right here.