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Ed Gein tour of Plainfield, WI

VIDEO: Ed Gein Tour of Plainfield, WI

See where Ed Gein’s house was, visit his grave, and see the crime scenes in this video tour of Plainfield where the Wisconsin ghoul murdered and robbed graves.

Weird News

UFO Whistleblower Bombshell, Virgin Mary Apparitions, Croc Virgin Birth, Ed Gein

It was a big week for UFO afficionados, with news of a military intelligence officer claiming that the US government has a UFO retrieval program, is in possession of intact craft of non-human origin, and that UFOs trigger a multi-decade cold war.

Let’s get into this week’s weird news headlines:

Cult of Weird Community

Bigfoot diorama by Strange Little Lands

Miniature Bigfoot diorama by Strange Little Lands

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Ed Gein collectibles

Ed Gein Collectibles

Your collection won’t be complete without these weird, unique, and rare Ed Gein collectibles from t-shirts and comic books to souvenir dirt and model kits.

Ed Gein graphic novel by Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

Ed Gein Graphic Novel Coming from Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

Dig up the tragic life and disturbing crimes of Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein in the upcoming graphic novel from Eric Powell and Harold Schechter.

Ed Gein brought back to life with Deep Nostalgia AI technology

Ed Gein Reanimated with Deep Nostalgia

Ed Gein is back from the dead thanks to a creepy new tool called Deep Nostalgia that brings old photos back to life through animated deepfake videos.