Horror actor Bill Oberst Jr reads gothic literature

Listen to Horror Actor Bill Oberst Jr. Read Gothic Literature

Escape into the dark woods with Bill Oberst Jr. as he reads classic works of Gothic literature in his new podcast.

Raven that says Nevermore

Meet the Raven That Says ‘Nevermore’

There’s nothing quite like a raven reciting Edgar Allan Poe to get you into the spirit of Halloween. Zatz the raven, seen in this video with his furry friend Woogie, was trained to say “nevermore” in his creepy, throaty bird voice. Then he throws in some waka wakas for laughs.

Corvids (crows, ravens, etc.) are among the most intelligent bird species known to science, and are the only birds native to North America that are capable of learning to mimic human language. Even if it sounds like Stephen Hawking’s speech synthesizer running low on battery power.

But these majestic black beauties aren’t interested in crackers like they’re more exotic counterparts. They want your soul. For evermore.

Zatz the raven
Zatz the raven