Stick Boy

The Stick Boy: A True Story

A writer looks back on a harrowing childhood memory of an encounter with something strange in the woods of Maine.

Head of German serial killer Peter Kurten in Wisconsin Dells

Inside the Mummified Head of Serial Killer Peter Kurten

Get a glimpse inside the severed head of a sadistic serial killer that now hangs on display in Wisconsin Dells.

Haunted Toaster possessed by the devil

Haunted Toaster Possessed by the Devil

A television interview with a woman trying to demonstrate her demonic toaster that is possessed by the devil and makes Satanic toast.

Belvoir Winery Odd Fellows skeleton

The Skeletal Legacy of Odd Fellows Lurks in Closets and Attics Across America

The decline of Odd Fellows membership throughout much of the 20th century led to abandoned ceremonial coffins and unidentified human remains.