The skull of Mary Magdalene

The Skull of Mary Magdalene

This bizarre reliquary in the St. Maximin basilica in France is believed to contain the skull of Mary Magdalene.

Elongated Skull Unearthed in France

Intentionally deformed elongated skull unearthed in Merovingian period grave in France

7,000 years of history has been unearthed in Obernai, in the French province of Alsace during an archeological survey. Amongst the finds was a Merovingian period (5th-8th century A.D.) grave that held the remains of a woman buried with a rich assortment of grave goods.

The unusual part? She had an intentionally deformed, elongated skull.

The process of binding the skulls of infants to create an elongated shape is generally associated with Mesoamerican cultures. However, intentional cranial deformation was practiced extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well.

Side view of the elongated skull discovered during an archeological excavation in France

More photos of the excavation can be seen right here.

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