Target Halloween decorations

Hyde and Eek Boutique: Target Unveils New Halloween Decor

A peek at the ghoulish new Halloween decor coming this fall from Target.

It’s mid-July and nearly 100 degrees in the hot summer sun…but you and me, we’re definitely thinking about Halloween. Target is getting a jump on the season too, it seems, releasing a peak at this year’s new Halloween decor.

Target’s Halloween offerings have been really great in the last few years, and I usually have a long wish list. This year is no different, with a variety of monstrous plants, tombstones, and other ghoulish goodies that would seem right in home in Tim Burton’s Halloween Town or in the dark corners of the Addams Family mansion.

Here are some of my favorites:

Skull pineapple Halloween decor

Coffin Halloween decor

Ghoulish Garden Halloween decor

Ghoulish Garden Gravestone Halloween decor

Howling wolf statue Halloween decor

Ophelia Payne gravestone Halloween decor

Ghoulish Garden Halloween decor

Ouija board tray Halloween decor

Skeleton DJ Halloween decor

Ghoulish Garden Halloween decor

Skeleton flamingo Halloween decor

Vintage skull computer Halloween decor

Talking skull in cloche Halloween decor

Ghoulish Garden Halloween decor

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The Ghastling

Stories for the Dark Season: The Ghastling Book 8

A collection of new short horror stories for Halloween and Samhain.

“Samhain marks the beginning of the darker half of the year, and there is darkness in the pages that follow. So lock the door, draw the curtains and light that jack-o’-lantern. We’ll see you on the other side…”

The latest volume of short horror stories from The Ghastling features new fiction from contemporary authors compiled especially for Halloween and Samhain.

About The Ghastling Book 8:

Book 8 is our seasonal edition compiled especially for Hallowe’en & Samhain. In Damien B. Raphael’s story THE SCULPTURE, an artisan suggests that the flesh of a pumpkin is far more forgiving for this type of work than the more traditional turnip – but what exactly has he been commissioned to carve in his dimly-lit studio? Grinning, hand-carved faces light the town in Catrin Kean’s FOGTIME, as children in bedsheets run from door to door swinging rattling buckets. Dressing up as someone else – or something else – and demanding treats is another odd custom that we’ve grown to accept as part of the season. This too is traced to the Celts, who were said to leave offerings of food and drink to placate the fairies, witches, demons and unfortunate souls who wandered between this world and the next on Samhain. Perhaps it isn’t just the young trick-or-treaters, then, that make Mammy lock the doors and pull the curtains.

In Alys Hobbs’ IN WE COME, it’s adults who roam the streets disguised – a troupe of actors, to be exact, searching for an audience for their folk play. “Make room, for in we come! We’ve come a-mumming, three-two-one!” However, this troupe’s antics seem to go beyond mere performance, and it may not just be money or food that they’re looking for in exchange. The Celts believed that the sun began to grow weak during Samhain, and so bonfires were lit not just in honour of the dead, but also to guide them on their journey – and keep them away from the living. So when Jenny watches a constellation of flickering lights appear on Kristy Kerruish’s THE HILL, she should probably keep a safe distance – but Trevor has been gone for a while, and it’s all mumbo-jumbo anyway…isn’t it? Mr Fanner certainly hopes not, as he walks AMONG OCTOBER’S FIELDS with the derelict Riverbrook Home for Boys in his sights. Callum McKelvie’s story begins with whispers: the tragic fire, all the children gone and mysterious sounds across the fields at night. Mr Fanner is searching for inspiration for his next ghost story, but he may wish that he had looked elsewhere. Leaving the restless bonfires of Samhain behind, let’s instead turn to the quietness of the fireside, where storytelling has long been the preferred form of entertainment. At Halloween, the attention of the fireside storyteller unsurprisingly turns to ghosts and the macabre, and so we felt it was important to include a selection of tales that, if not specifically Halloween-themed, were befitting of this seasonal tradition. So read aloud if you dare the DIARY OF A DEADMAN by N. A. Wilson, follow Mark Sadler into the sweltering woods in THE POACHER’S BALL and enter Florence Vincent’s THE TEMPLE to experience foreboding in a foreign land. Then, we suggest you gather friends around the campfire to share HOW SHADOWS FALL, C. L. Hanlon’s fresh take on the legend of the vanishing hitchhiker.

The Ghastling Book 8

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Christine McConnell's Halloween Monster House

Christine McConnell’s Halloween Monster House

Macabre baker and artist Christine McConnell turned her parents’ home into a real life monster house for Halloween.
Christine McConnell's Halloween monster house

Three years ago Christine McConnell, purveyor of morbid cakes and crafts, as well as the star of the new Netflix series The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, decorated her parent’s Los Angeles-area home for Halloween. It got so much attention that she was approached by some 300 production companies to create her own reality show.

But McConnell wanted to do it her own way, and signup up to work with the Jim Henson Company to create a show that combines dark Addams Family-style humor, macabre puppets, and baking. Exactly what you’d expect from her.

So this year she returned to spook up her parents’ home again, overhauling the entire front of the house with a giant monster face, menacing eyes, and giant fangs.

McConnell says it took her over a month to create, and is her most ambitious project to date.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Watch how it was made:

See Christine McConnell’s monster house creation for yourself at 27773 Pacific St in Highland, California or find more photos on her Instagram.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Creepy vintage board games

13 Spooky Vintage Board Games to Play on Halloween

Battle monsters, ghosts, voodoo curses, boobytrapped mansions, haunted carnival rides, and more with these vintage spooky board games.

Weekend Weird Halloween Edition

Weekend Weird Halloween Edition

Celebrate the thinning of the veil with Ouija boards, witches, and other nameless horrors in this week’s conjuring of spooky weird news and media.

Before we get to the this week’s weird news and media, which is great, by the way – a coffin robber, Robert Murch’s incredible Ouija board collection, the grotesque literary death of Lovecraft, Salem revelations, and more – let’s take a moment to round up some of the Halloween favorites here on Cult of Weird:

And now this week’s other weird news and media:
Weird news

The history of the notorious Nuremberg torture collection

Peek inside a trove of witchcraft artifacts at this rare exhibit

Eight things you need to know about poltergeists

A glimpse at Robert Murch’s talking board collection

Be part of Milwaukee’s first ever Krampusnacht parade

Animated Halloween short: Zombie vs the Living Dead

Horror author Michael McDowell’s death collection (from 2013)

Shelley AI is creating horror stories through human-AI collaboration

In the U.S. market for human bodies, almost anyone can dissect and sell the dead

What does Uri Geller know about the JFK assassination?

Man banned from open casket funerals after looting corpse

Is your house haunted or is it just bad wiring?

How the god you worship influences the ghosts you see

Robert Bloch killed his friend H.P. Lovecraft in his 1935 story The Shambler from the Stars

Caitlin Doughty on new revelations from the Salem Witch Trials

Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology

The mysterious James John Eldred house

Ghostwatch: the Halloween hoax that changed the language of television

The destruction of Wisconsin’s haunted Summerwind mansion may have been arson

Humans are born with a natural fear of spiders and snakes

Last year’s paranormal writing contest conjured up some brilliant scary stories

Are you descended from witches?

It’s alive! The birth of Frankenstein

Remember these? 10 forgotten Halloween specials

Beastly births, ass-popes and satanic hybrids: Creepy 16th-century woodcuts

The voice behind many bestselling books on tape is actually a serial killer

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Tallmadge family graves in Rienzi Cemetery
The final resting place of the Tallmadge family

William Tallmadge, the son of brief Wisconsin Territory governor Nathaniel Potter Tallmadge, was just 19 years old when he died on June 12, 1845. He was buried upon the top of a hill on his family’s land known as Rienzi Hill.

Possibly spurred by this loss, Nathaniel found solace in the beliefs and practices of spiritualism.

Many of Nathaniel’s experiences communicating with the dead through various mediums were recorded in the 1853 book Spiritualism, Volume 1. He wrote that his youngest daughter, then 13, “plays the piano on the instruction of the spirits.” She had never played piano before in her life and had no understanding of notes, he claimed, until one day she sat down at the keys and played Beethoven’s Grand Waltz.

The same year Spiritualism was published, Tallmadge donated the hill and the surrounding eight and a half acres of his farm for use as a public cemetery. Since then, Rienzi has become the final resting place of Civil War generals, senators, congressmen, athletes, musicians, and, depending on who you ask…witches.

Weird Book of the Week

The Ghastling
The Ghastling brings together a fresh collection of new horror stories from contemporary authors, combined with eerie illustrations in the style of 19th-century penny dreadfuls or Weird Tales magazines. Book Six “explores the uncanny, the surreal, the dark reaches of the imagination and the space between the ordinary world and the folklore and superstition that hangs around in the peripheries of daily life. In the case of some of these tales, there is almost no difference, both worlds are one and the same.”

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Stranger Things Ouija board

If anyone needs me, I’ll be binging the second season of Stranger Things while eating waffles and trying to conjure a demogorgon from the Upside Down.