Weird Christmas gifts from the Cult of Weird holiday gift guide 2020

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Wish that special stiff on your shopping list a Creepy Christmas with these weird gift ideas from the Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide.

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide

Joy to the weird! Morbid gifts for that special stiff on your Christmas shopping list.

The Cult of Weird holiday gift guide has returned for its fifth year to fill your stockings with Christmas curiosities and holiday atrocities sure to summon Krampus straight to your door.

Keep the creep in Christmas with this collection of macabre handcrafted art, antiques, and other ghoulish goodies from some of my favorite purveyors of weird and wonder.

Merry Cultmas!

NOTE: Many of these items are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, so they may not be available long.

Forest Wall Plaque

Forest wall plaque
A plaque featuring an enchanting dark forest with a moon of moonstone or labradorite. Meticulously handcrafted with magical intent for love, courage, and protection.

2019 Witches’ Calendar

Llewellyn's 2019 Witches' Calendar
Llewellyn’s 2019 Witches’ Calendar features magical wisdom, astrological data, and Witch’s holidays with original scratchboard illustrations by Kathleen Edwards.

Stupid Deaths Game

Stupid Deaths game
Charles Darwin was right. He proved that only the fittest survive. This game celebrates the stupidest deaths over the centuries, and brings out players’ darker sense of humor.

Ouija Pin

Ouija board pin
Silver Ouija pin with sliding planchette

Catacombs Diorama

Catacombs diorama
Miniature diorama of catacombs inspired by the macabre crypts of the Capuchin monks and Sedlec ossuary. Handmade by History Bones artist by Lee Harper.

Book of Hell

Book of Hell
Explore 3,000 years of Hell from the shadowy Sheol to Hades, Dante’s nine circles of Hell and more in this complete history of eternal damnation.

Looking for books? Find some new morbid must-reads right here.

Ursula Pendant

Ursula by Black Sheep Jewelry
A large Amethyst cluster with clear Quartz crystals and hand-sculpted copper tentacles from Black Sheep Jewelry.

Strychnine Poison Mug

Strychnine poison mug
Have a nice cup of strychnine with this mug from Phantasmagoria.

Krampus Ornaments

Krampus ornaments
Set of 3 handmade kitsch Krampus ornaments.

Ed Gein Bobble Head

Ed Gein bobble head
Limited edition hand-painted “Bloody Bobbler” of Wisconsin serial killer and grave robber Ed Gein.

We Are the Weirdos Candle

We are the weirdos candle by SickWix
We Are the Weirdos, Mister horror handcrafted horror candle by SickWix.

Human Hair Grave Scene

Victorian mourning human hair work
Victorian mourning inspired grave scene made with real human hair.

Secret Society Pendant

Secret Society pendant
Antique-finished sterling silver all seeing eye pendant inspired by the symbolism and relics of secret societies.

Skull Garden Stones

Skull garden stones
Life size, realistic skull stones cast from gypsum.

Antique Coffin Puzzle Box

Antique coffin puzzle box
Miniature mid-19th century coffin box from Roses & Rue Antiques.

Witchy Cat Coasters

Witchy cat coasters
Laser-cut, hand finished cat coasters with stars, moon and pentagram.

Black Heart

Black Heart pendant from Hibernacula
Anatomical heart pendant of bronze or sterling silver with black quartz stone.

Hot Rod Hearse T-shirt

Hot rod hearse t-shirt from Dead Sled Brand
A Rat Fink style skeleton drives a hot rod ’58 Cadillac on this t-shirt from Dead Sled Brand.

Insect Curio Box

Insect curio box
Kickstart a wunderkammer curiosity collection with this this insect curio box from The Evolution Store.

Bates Motel Model Kit

Miniature Bates Motel model kit
Build your own miniature Bates Motel with this wooden model kit.

Bermuda Triangle Poster

Bermuda Triangle poster from Maiden Voyage
Glow-in-the-dark Bermuda Triangle travel poster from Maiden Voyage.

Mounted Waterbuck Horns

Antique waterbuck horns
Antique waterbuck horns mounted on a wood shield.

Spiderweb Garnet Ring

Spiderweb garnet ring
Sterling silver spiderweb ring with garnet handmade by Black Dust Jewellery.

Jim Jones Mug

Jim Jones mug
This Jim Jones mug from Hammer and Bone is the perfect gift for the true crime fan, cult follower, or Kool-Aid enthusiast on your shopping list. From now until Dec. 31 use promo code CULTOFWEIRD to save 10% on your entire purchase from Hammer and Bone!

Planchette Enamel Pin

Ouija planchette enamel pin
Glow in the dark Ouija planchette pin by artist Jessi Hardesty.

Bray Road Beast Documentary

Bray Road Beast DVD by Small Town Monsters
The latest film from Small Town Monsters explores the bizarre true events surrounding werewolf sightings on Bray Road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

At Rest Coffin Pillow

At Rest coffin pillow
Black damask coffin-shaped throw pillow with embroidered “At Rest” coffin plaque.

Calamityware Ornaments

Calamityware Ornaments
Decorate your tree with giant attacking robots, sea monsters, UFO invasions, frog plagues, zombie poodles, and more with these unique ornaments from artist Don Moyer.

Lamprey in a Jar

Lamprey wet specimen
Lamprey wet specimens from Mz. Jones’ Curiosities.

Circus Sideshow Lampshade

Circus sideshow lampshade
Lampshade featuring vintage circus sideshow advertisements.

Iron Maiden

Ceramic Iron Maiden figure
Ceramic Iron Maiden figure inspired by the toryure device on display at the Medieval Crime Museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

Vine Moonstone Bracelet

Twig and vine moonstone bracelet
Bracelet with sterling silver cradling a moonstone cabochon.

The Man From the Train

The Man from the Train
Bill James examines a series of seemingly unconnected axe murders across the country between 1898 to 1912 and makes a startling discovery: The murders were all committed by the same person, and he uncovered the identity of one of the deadliest serial killers in America.

Looking for books? Find some new morbid must-reads right here.

Gothic Macabre Candles

Gothic macabre memento mori candles
A set of 4 vanilla-scented gothic candles with vintage memento mori illustrations.

Antique Poppy Engraving

Antique poppy engraving
Antique French hand-colored engraving from the 1860s of a woman using poppy seeds to put giant anthropomorphic bugs to sleep.

Mourning Locket

Mourning locket by Seance Perfumes
Mourning locket from Seance Perfumes with Memento Mori scent.

Mystery of the Exploding Teeth

The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth: And Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine
This wryly humorous collection of stories about bizarre medical treatments and cases offers a unique portrait of a bygone era in all its jaw-dropping weirdness.

Life Cycle Art Print

Life Cycle by Jason Limon
Life Cycle fine art print by Jason Limon.

Coffin Bath Tray

Coffin bath tray
Coffin-shaped handmade birchwood bath tray.

Brain Bell Jar

Brain bell jar
Miniature resin brain in a glass dome tribute to the greatest literary and cinematic cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

19th Century Candelabras

19th century gothic candelabras
A pair of original Gothic Revival candelabras from the 1800s.

Living Buddhas

Living Buddhas
This book explores the esoteric self-mummification tradition of monks in Northern Japan who starve themselves, bury themselves alive, and meditate until death.

Specimen Ring

Insect specimen ring
Preserved jewel beetle specimen in a decorative floral setting.

Serial Killer Coloring Book

Serial Killer coloring book
Bring 37 serial killers to life in this unique adult coloring book.

Evil Eye Witch Hand Pin

Evil eye witch hand pin
Ward off negative energy with these witchy inspired enamel pins.

666mas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Merry 666mas ugly Christmas sweater
Merry 666mas Christmas sweater with skulls, upside down crosses, and a reindeer in a pentagram.

Haunted Holiday Stocking

Haunted holiday stocking
Spooky Christmas stocking to adorn your haunted hearth.

UFO Blanket

UFO blanket
Blanket featuring drawings of UFO sightings.

Born to Be Posthumous

Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey
From The Gashlycrumb Tinies to The Doubtful Guest, Edward Gorey’s wickedly funny and deliciously sinister little books have influenced our culture in innumerable ways, from the works of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman to Lemony Snicket. Some even call him the Grandfather of Goth.

Elongated Mummy Skull

Peruvian elongated mummy skull
Genuine elongated skull dating back to 800-100BCE from the Peruvian Paracas culture.

Need more weird gift ideas?

Take a look at gift guides from previous years for inspiration:

Share your weird Christmas with us! Throw a Santa hat on something strange and tag your photo #MerryCultmas.

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Find the perfect gift to warm the cold, dead heart of that special someone on Christmas mourning.
2016 Cult of Weird holiday gift guide

The holiday season has reared it’s ugly head and, as Gomez Addams says, “Suddenly I have a dreadful urge to be merry.” That means it’s time to dig up some weird gift ideas from some of my favorite purveyors of fine oddities.

This Christmas, give the gift of WTF.

Preserved Octopus Wet Specimen

Preserved octopus in specimen jar
Ethically-sourced baby octopi in specimen jars from Half Embalmed.

Plush Bigfoot Buddy

Plush Bigfoot buddy
These unique, handmade stuffed Bigfoot Buddies debuted this October at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

Christmas Scented Krampus Candles

Krampus Christmas pillar candles
Iced Vanilla, Mulled Wine, and Cinnamon scented Krampus holiday candles from Divine Excess.

Ghostland by Colin Dickey

Ghostland by Colin Dickey
Ghostland is a haunted roadtrip through history by way of America’s most notoriously dark places, where the spirits of the past refuse to rest.

Ouija Board Solid Bubble Bath

Ouija board bubble bath
Patchouli, lime, teakwood and black pepper-scented Ouija board bubble bath bar with cocoa butter planchette.

Corpse Paint Nativity

Corpse paint nativity figures
Ceramic thrift store nativity figures desecrated with corpse paint.

Beeswax Feline Skull Candle

Cat skull candle
All-natural beeswax feline skull candle cast from real bone.

Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs

Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs
Ransom Riggs, author of the enchantingly odd series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, expands on the bizarre mythos he’s dreamed up with a new installment of stories from the secret history of the peculiar world.

Ed Gein Christmas Ornament

Ed Gein Christmas ornament
Custom made plastic Christmas tree bauble featuring Ed Gein from the great Pandora’s Box.

Framed Victorian Mourning Coffin Plaque

Antique Victorian era coffin plaque in frame
Antique framed silver coffin plaque inscribed with the words “Our Mother.”

The Victorian Book of the Dead

Victorian Book of the Dead by Chris Woodward
Victorian-era dead and mourning traditions, ghost stories, premature burials, post-mortem photography, and bizarre tales unearthed from newspapers and journals from the 19th century.

The Door in the Dark T-shirt

The Door in the Dark t-shirt from Black Veil Studio
T-shirt from Black Veil Studio featuring a planchette and ghostly hands.

Bigfoot Plaster Footprint Cast

Plaster Bigfoot cast from the Patterson-Gimlin filmsite
From the International Cryptozoology Museum, a copy of the footprint found at the site of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film shot on October 20, 1967 at Bluff Creek, CA.

Addams Family Print by Cait May

Addams Family print by artist Cait May
11″x17″ print of original Addams Family illustration by Baltimore artist Cait May.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities by Gordon Grice
A beginner’s guide to creating your own cabinet of curiosities, from finding and identifying specimens to preserving and mounting them for display.

Hail Santa Greeting Card

Hail Santa greeting card from Poison Apple Printshop
Hail Santa, the Christmas card of the beast. Original artwork drawn and screenprinted by artist Adrienne Rozzi of Poison Apple Printshop.

Hearse Drivers Union T-shirt

Hearse Drivers Union t-shirt from Dead Sled Brand
Become a card-carrying member of the Hearse Drivers Union with this t-shirt from Dead Sled Brand.

Octopus Candelabra

Octopus candelabra
You can never have too many tentacles in your home. This antiqued brass metal octopus from Loved to Death holds 5 pillar candles.

More Weird Books

Weird books and literary oddities for the book lover on your Christmas list
For the macabre bibliophile on your shopping list, here are this year’s morbid must-reads. You can also find more popular books on death and oddities here, here, and here.

Need more weird gift ideas?

Take a look at gift guides from previous years for inspiration:

Share your weird Christmas with us on Instagram! Throw a santa hat on something strange and tag your photo #MerryCultmas.

2015 Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide

The 2015 Cult of Weird holiday gift guide has the perfect gift ideas to satiate the most morbid of appetites on your Christmas list.
Cult of Weird 2015 holiday gift guide

It’s finally here: The great and disturbing Cult of Weird 2016 holiday gift guide, filled with oddities, atrocities, and jolly Christmas abominations sure to make Krampus come knocking at your door.

Looking for books? The deranged bibliophile on your shopping list will love these dark and morbid books curated by the Cult of Weird community.

Krampus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Krampus ugly Christmas sweater
Besides department store Black Friday brawls and spiked eggnog, the two best things I look forward to most about the holidays are ugly Christmas sweaters and Krampus. This Gruss vom Krampus Christmas sweater combines them into a jolly celebration of St. Nick’s horned counterpart. Naughty or nice? Who cares when you have a sweater this glorious.

Relics from the Dark Side 2016 Daily Calendar

Cruel & Unusual 2016 daily calendar
Finally, a calendar I can get excited about. Cruel & Unusual will fill your 2016 with a morbid daily dose of human suffering. This calendar is a compendium of torture, execution and other human cruelty, revealing the dark side of history through text, photos and illustrations of terrifying devices and brutal practices.

Cryptozoological Tracking Society T-shirt

Cryptozoological Tracking Society t-shirt from Maiden Voyage
This glow-in-the-dark Cryptozoological Tracking Society t-shirt from Maiden Voyage is perfect for your next expedition into the wilderness in search of Bigfoot, Mothman, or other elusive fortean mysteries.

Gingerdead Men Christmas Ornaments

Gingerdead men Christmas ornaments
New from Pandora’s Box this year! Bring a little ghoulish Christmas joy to your tree with these delicious-looking (but not edible) maimed gingerdead men ornaments.

Beeswax Spine Candles

Spine candles
These all-natural beeswax spine candles are cast from real human vertebrae and hand-poured by Cult of Weird’s own resident mad taxidermist Rob Reysen.

Art of the American Fraternal Society

As Above, So Below: Art of the American Fraternal Society
From the book’s description: “The esoteric knowledge, visual symbols, and moral teachings revealed to lodge brothers during secret rituals inspired an abundant and expressive body of objects that form an important facet of American folk art.”

Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume

Krampus costume
Krampus is coming! And if not, because there are just way too many naughty kids to punish these days, you can suit up and help out!

Diaphonized Snake Wet Specimen

Diaphonized snake wet specimen by Asylum Artwork
Asylum Artwork has so many amazing oddities to choose from, I had a difficult time picking what should be included here. I decided on this snake because I’ve seen many diaphonized specimens, but the bones of a snake make it a very unusual-looking specimen.

Fiendies Astral Plane Throw

Fiendies astral plane throw

Old World Christmas Tombstone Ornament

Old World Christmas tombstone ornament

Body on Board sticker from Dead Sled

Body on Board from Dead Sled
The perfect bumper sticker for psychopaths and/or hearse drivers.

Ouija Board Sunglasses

Lindsay Lowe ouija glasses
Do you wear your sunglasses at night? If so, these glow-in-the-dark Fright Board sunglasses from Lindsay Lowe are perfect for your next midnight cemetery seance.

Antique Masonic Jewel of the Treasurer Pendant

Antique Freemason Jewel of the Treasurer crossed keys pendant
The “Jewel of the Treasurer” is an icon representing the treasurer of a masonic lodge. The symbol depicts a set of crossed skeleton keys. This antique silver pendant from Vera Viola is estimated to be from the late 1800s.

Krampus Ornament

Krampus Christmas ornament

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell
If you’re as obsessed with weird history as we are around here, this book by Marc Hartzman detailing the 300-year history of Oliver Cromwell’s head is the perfect addition to your bookshelf. It was included on this year’s Fall Reading List, but this limited edition of 50 is signed, numbered, and features a foil stamped cover and exclusive endpapers that reproduce a 19th century letter about the head.

Baphomet Ring Box

Baphomet ring boxes

Hand-Painted Sugar Skull Martini Glass

Hand-painted sugar skull martini glass

Chamber of Horrors Guillotine Model Kit

Polar Lights Chamber of Horror guillotine model kit
This is a reissue of the vintage 1966 classic Chamber of Horrors guillotine model kit. The blade actually drops, and the kit comes with magnets so you can play executioner over and over for hours of wholesome family fun.

Egyptian Mummy Excavation Kit

Egyptian mummy excavation kit
For the little weirdos on your shopping list.

Diaphonized Mouse Wet Specimen Christmas Ornament

Diaphonized mouse christmas ornament
A Cult favorite Christmas tradition: Every year the folks over at Pandora’s Box offer up these unique diaphonized wet specimens in a clear globe ornament.

Addams Family Christmas comic


Looking for more? Try these:

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The 2014 Cult of Weird holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect gifts for the weirdos on your Christmas list!

Find the perfect oddities to finish up your holiday shopping with the official Cult of Weird 2014 holiday gift guide, full of weird stocking stuffers, quirky novelties and macabre confectioneries. Whether you are looking to fill a cabinet of curiosities, or feed the insatiable human appetite for the unknown, there is sure to be something on this list to make someone happy (or nauseous) this Christmas season.

Chocolate Skulls From Conjurer’s Kitchen

Chocolate conjoined twin fetus skulls by Conjurer's Kitchen
Annabel de Vetten of the UK-based Conjurer’s Kitchen makes anatomically correct, life-size skulls and other macabre confectioneries out of cake and chocolate. Do you need a chocolate death cast of Vincent Price? Looking for the perfect edible conjoined twin fetus skull? Maybe it’s a chocolate replica of artist Jessica Joslin’s ornate “Morrigan” crow skull sculpture that is perfect for the weirdo in your life.

Buy Here

Monsters in America Cryptozoological Map

Monsters in America cryptozoological map
This 25″x19″ hand-drawn, limited edition print of bizarre creature sightings across the US brings together the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Mothman, Chupacabra, Shunka Warakin, Caddy, the Honey Island Swamp Monster and more.

Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum said “Hog Island Press has produced a informative, affordable, high quality collectible, which also serves as an educational tool useful for your next road trip, a future research trek, or everyday bibliographic study.

Buy Here

Mummified Heart Pendants

Mummified heart pendants by Afterlife Anatomy
Katie Innamorato of Afterlife Anatomy professionally preserves and mounts these mummified hearts in glass dome pendants.

Buy Here

Bronze Octopus Coffee Table

Bronze octopus octopus coffee table by sculptor Kirk McGuire
The perfect cephalopod for your living room. Limited edition bronze octopus coffee table created by sculptor Kirk McGuire.

Buy Here

Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?

Exclusive signed copies of Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? by J. Nathan Couch
Author and paranormal investigator J. Nathan Couch goes in search of the legendary Goatman in his new book Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? The official Cult of Weird shop is offering exclusive signed copies of this fascinating read.

Buy Here

Planchette Necklaces by Blood Milk Jewels

Planchette necklaces by Blood Milk Jewels
For the spiritualist in your life, these highly-quality sterling silver planchette necklaces are crafted by Blood Milk with a distressed satin finish and hand oxidized to achieve her “signature shade of gloomy gray.”

Buy Here

Squid Beak Wet Specimen by Silentcheesecake

Squid beak wet specimen by silentcheesecake designs
Silentcheesecake Designs creates jewelry and other wearables inspired by science, nature and Victorian cabinets of curiosities. The results are amazing wet specimens preserved in clear wax, such as this squid beak in a vial.

Buy Here

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitin Doughty
Caitlin Doughty of Ask a Mortician is responsible for this year’s Tickle-Me-Elmo for weirdos, I mean…those of us with darker sensibilities. Get a glimpse into the secretive culture of the mortuary business with Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Buy Here

Looking for more books? Check out Macabre Books and the Fall Reading List.

Stacking Skeleton Coffee Cups

Stacking skeleton coffee mugs
Set of 4 coffee mugs silk screen-printed with a skeleton illustration by Phoebe Richardson.

Buy Here

Mini Female Anatomical Head

Mini female anatomical head from The Evolution Store
This hand-painted 1:3 scale medically accurate anatomical model from The Evolution Store demonstrates the basic muscular and venous anatomy of the head, face and neck.

Buy Here

Roadkill Collector Bumper Sticker

Roadkill collector bumper stickers from Afterlife Anatomy
Who hasn’t stopped to scrape up something dead on the side of the road every now and then? For taxidermists, roadkill often ends up in the freezer at home. Get your own roadkill collector bumper sticker from Afterlife Anatomy.

Buy Here

Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps

Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps by Chet Van Duzer
What were those terrifying sea monsters on maps, and why were they there? This beautifully designed atlas by Chet Van Duzer explores the legends of sea monsters and the art of map-making in the medieval and renaissance times. Perfect for the historical, cryptozoological cartography enthusiast in your life.

Buy Here

Real Bone Christmas Ornaments

Real bone Christmas ornaments from Pandora's Box oddities shop
No Christmas tree is complete without an ornament from Pandora’s Box!

Buy Here

Skull Flower Vase Sweater

Skull flower vase from Media Karloff
Human skull flower pot sweater from Medea Karloff.

Buy Here

Gothic Skull on Victorian Frame

Gothic skull on Victorian frame
This gothic bobcat skull on a Victorian style frame was hand-crafted by Cult of Weird’s resident mad taxidermist Rob Reysen.

Buy Here

Morbid Anatomy 2015 Wall Calendar

Morbid Anatomy 2015 wall calendar
With images drawn from the archives of founder Joanna Ebenstein, the Morbid Anatomy calendar will bring the macabre month after month.

Buy Here

Shrunken Rabbit Head

Shrunken rabbit head by Afterlife Anatomy
Katie Innamorato has developed her own process of creating shrunken heads, which she uses to create these fuzzy and unique shrunken specimens. The rabbit is available here, but there is also a squirrel and opossum.

Human Skull Suture Ring

Real human skull suture ring
This amazing sterling silver ring with a real piece of human skull is available from Death Isn’t the End right here. Maybe a human skull fragment set in 19th century coffin nails is more your style.