Review: Search for the Lost Giants

Unraveling the Mystery: Jim Vieira sets out to find evidence of the existence of an ancient race of giants in the debut episode of Search for the Lost Giants.
Search for the Lost Giants on History channel

Despite the recent ridicule of researchers such as Jim Vieira and the idea in general, the theory that giant humans once roamed the earth has been around for a very long time. I am interested in the subject not because I believe it is scientific fact, but because it is an intriguing story.

I’ve been formulating wild fiction in my head for years around ancient astronauts, giant mound builders, and the cosmic origins of consciousness and life on Earth. By nature, however, I tend to be a skeptic of everything. Beliefs held as scientific fact by our ancestors are now regarded as nothing more than hokey superstition today. The reality is that science is little more than a record of what we think we know right now.

From that perspective, even fact becomes relative.

Whether giant human skeletons were being unearthed around the turn of the century and subsequently vanished, as the news and Smithsonian ethnology reports would suggest, or it was all just a fantastic hoax, I am always fascinated by the possibility.

Jim Vieira is not a scientist, nor does he claim to be. He is an average guy with an interest in what seems to be compelling evidence of giant skeletons measuring seven feet tall and above, often with bizarre double rows of teeth. As a stone mason, he took particular interest in the unusual stone constructions found at the burial sites of these remains.

True or not, there are innumerable claims of these discoveries all over the US. Some of them even come from my backyard here in Wisconsin. Why not visit the locations of these supposed finds and poke around in the dirt a bit? Giant or not, something was found there.

Searching for Giant Skeletons

In the debut episode of History’s new series Search for the Lost Giants, brothers Jim and Bill Vieira examine two such locations in Massachusetts. The episode opens as they use ground-penetrating radar to examine a protected site on Native American land in Deerfield, MA. It is here that local historian George Sheldon documented the discovery of a eight foot skeleton in 1895. Though they cannot disturb the soil, the radar seems to indicate the existence of a stone slab as found in other burial sites. Typically, the stone is similar in height to the body it is covering. The measurements from the radar show a massive slab roughly twelve feet long and four or five feet wide.

The Vieira brothers then move to another location not far from Deerfield, to a strange stone structure known as the Goshen Mystery Tunnel. While local legend says the tunnels were created by a gang of counterfeiters or grave robbers to access their hideout beneath the nearby cemetery, some believe the tunnels may have pre-colonial origins. Jim is intrigued by another legend, that there is a hidden chamber in the tunnels that has never been opened. Since the structure is similar to other sites where giant skeletons were reportedly found, Jim wants to find that hidden chamber.

Opening the mysterious Goshen Tunnel on Search for the Lost Giants
Opening the Goshen Mystery Tunnel in search of giant skeletons

Following drawings made during an excavation in 1980 by Jim Whitall, the last person to explore the tunnels, Bill and Jim descend into the darkness where they find what may be evidence of the existence of the hidden chamber.

Rock with strange inscription near the Goshen Mystery Tunnel
Jim Vieira examines a rock with mysterious inscriptions near the Goshen Mystery Tunnel

But it’s the History channel, so we’ll have to wait until next week to discover there was nothing conclusive at the site.

Due to the controversy surrounding Jim’s research, this first episode put a great deal of effort into rationalizing his work. It was probably a necessary introduction to research at the center of such intense outrage. I am really not interested in Jim’s justifications, though. He has a right to draw his own conclusions without ridicule.

Besides, getting to explore ancient burial sites in the backwoods of America vicariously through my television has given my life new meaning. Or at least killing enough brain cells to induce trance and euphoric states.

Either way, what bliss.


History Series Goes in Search of the Lost Giants

New History Channel series Search for the Lost Giants follows Jim and Bill Vieira as they explore the existence of giants in the ancient world.
New History Channel series follows the search for the lost skeletons of ancient giants

In the early 20th century, there was a bizarre wave of articles sweeping the news about the discovery of giant skeletons all over America. If the newspapers are to be believed, remains of humans seven feet tall or more, often described as having double rows of teeth and other abnormalities, were unearthed in large numbers during this time.

But if these numerous accounts are true, where are these giant skeletons now?

It is commonly believed that they were nothing more than fantastic stories devised to sell newspapers. Some, however, believe these were the remains of the Nephilim, the mysterious race of giants discussed in the book of Genesis who inhabited the antediluvian world. They were the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.”

Another interesting aspect of this perspective is the theory that the Smithsonian is responsible for the missing giant skeletons, hiding them away to cover up their existence.

Whatever the truth may be, it’s a fascinating topic that is finally going to be explored the way it deserves by way of an entertaining, maybe even somewhat scientific new series from the History channel.

Search for the Lost Giants will follow researchers Jim and Bill Vieira on a quest to find evidence of ancient giants, which promises to be a great watch. Even if they find nothing because the Smithsonian has conspired to censor their evidence.

Search for the Lost Giants premiers November 4th at 10/9C.


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Giant skeleton of an ancient mound builder

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