End of the World Dioramas

Photographer Lori Nix constructed these end of the world dioramas to depict nature consuming the remains of human civilization after some man-made or natural disaster has emptied a city of its inhabitants.

Anatomy Classroom by Lori Nix

Lori is no stranger to apocalyptic conditions, having grown up in Kansas where tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters were a normal part of life. This lead to an obsession with disaster movies, post-apocalyptic futures and the demise of humanity.

The City series feels like the dollhouse version of Life After People, with broken glass, crumbling walls, corrosion and decay in stunning detail. Insects and plant life move in through the cracks to reclaim their land.

It takes Lori and her partner about seven months to construct and photograph each scene in the living room of her Brooklyn apartment. She has been working on The City since 2005, and will continue for the next several years.

Bar by Lori Nix

Beauty Shop by Lori Nix

Botanic Gardens by Lori Nix

Church by Lori Nix

Circulation Desk by Lori Nix

Cntrol Room by Lori Nix

Mall by Lori Nix

Map Room by Lori Nix

Space Center by Lori Nix

Subway by Lori Nix

Violin Repair Shop by Lori Nix

Lori’s website contains much more of her work, including her Unnatural History and Accidentally Kansas series. See them here: