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Houses of Horror: Mills View Mansion and Stimson House

Mills View and Stimson House served as the filming locations for the cinematic haunted houses of two creepy and quirky 80s horror movies.

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LA Murder Mansion is on the Market for the First Time in 50 Years

A Los Angeles mansion with a sinister reputation is for sale for the first time since the murder and suicide happened 50 years ago.
The Los Feliz murder mansion in LA
Los Feliz murder mansion

LA’s wealthy hillside neighborhood of Los Feliz is home to many amazing, historic homes, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House and Hollyhock House, as well as his son’s masterpiece, the Sowden House, where some people believe the Black Dahlia murder took place.

But there is another property nearby, a Spanish Revival mansion at 2475 Glendower Place with a grim past that’s been haunting the area for over fifty years. And it can be yours for $2.75 million.

First time on the market in over 50 years! Perched on a hill up a long drive way with sweeping views sits this 4 bedroom 3 bath Spanish Revival home on a large lot. Features include grand entrance with a step down living room with serene views, formal dining room, library/study, large kitchen, and a ballroom with bar on the third floor. Three car garage at street level and two car garage at the end of the driveway. Waiting for that special person looking for a wonderful opportunity to remodel or develop. This is a probate sale, subject to court confirmation.

It sounds like a great place, but apparently no one wants to live in it.

In 1959, cardiologist Harold Perelson was living there with his wife and their three children. Though described as mild-mannered, Perelson was troubled by growing financial problems, and had attempted suicide on several occasions.

In the early morning of December 6th, for reasons still not fully understood, Perelson bludgeoned his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer while she slept. He then went to his oldest daughter’s room and struck her, as well. She screamed and ran, escaping to a neighbor’s house where they called the police.

Awakened by the screams, Perelson told the other two children “Go back to bed. This is a nightmare.” He then overdosed on Nembutal and other pills, and went to lie down bedside his wife’s bed. He was dead by the time the police arrived.

The Los Feliz murder in the LA Times

The house was bought in a probate auction the following year by Emily and Julian Enriquez. They never lived in the house, but did briefly attempt to rent it out. According to rumor, the family that rented it fled on the anniversary of the murder, leaving behind their Christmas tree and gifts.

Rudy Enriquez inherited the property when his parents died in 1994, but never moved in. He died last year with no one to leave it to.

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Los Feliz murder mansion

Inside the Whale Warehouse

Take a peek behind the scenes of LA’s Natural History Museum into the Whale Warehouse, where massive whale skulls, narwhal tusks and over 4,000 dolphin specimens are stored.

“The public only gets to see a carefully curated version of the collections at natural history museums. Hidden from view, there’s a second museum, sprawling in scope, full of character and occasionally gross.”