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Author of “Bigfoot Erotica” Becomes US Congressman

Bigfoot erotica devotee Denver Riggleman wins congressional race in Virginia.

Denver Riggleman made headlines back in July when he shared the cover art of his upcoming book on Instagram. The book is called The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him. The cover image is a sketch of a buff sasquatch with a sensor bar over his genitalia.

Riggleman’s opponent Leslie Cockburn tweeted a screenshot of the post, saying that Riggleman “has been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica.”

“Yes,” Riggleman responded, “I wrote a book about Bigfoot believers. Bigfoot pics by military bubbas are meant to be funny. I didn’t know what Bigfoot Erotica was until @LeslieCockburn mentioned it.”

Well, the people have spoken.

Thanks to yesterday’s election, Riggleman beat out Cockburn for the position of U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District seat.

Now, if you’ve been following Cult of Weird for a while (which it seems Riggleman hasn’t, or he would know) the rise of monster erotica in recent years has helped turn Bigfoot into a veritable Fabio of the cryptozoological world.

Bigfoot erotica by Denver Riggleman

In related news, the deceased owner of the Bunny Ranch brothel was elected in Nevada.

We live in exciting times, folks.

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Mothman erotica

Fap for the Mothman

Things get steamy (and weird) for three cryptozoologists tracking down Mothman in this new cryptozoological erotica story.

Mothman isn’t exactly a sex icon. Not like dinosaurs, Sasquatch, extraterrestrials, and the other lascivious creatures copulating with humans in the volumes of monster erotica available on Amazon.

But that is set to change with the new short e-book Fap for the Mothman. This is an important milestone because, as author Dr. Lenore Ronalds says, it may be “the first erotica involving the Mothman.”

Frank and Alec, interns with the American Cryptozoological Institute, are in Chicago following reports of Mothman sightings near Lake Michigan with little success. But thankfully they’re getting backup: World renowned cryptozoologist Professor Mary Ann Worth, known for her skills in tracking down and hooking up with with cryptids like Bigfoot and the Beast of Bray Road.

All in the name of science, of course.

Upon her arrival in Chicago, Ms. Worth follows a lead that brings her to the Skydeck of the Sears tower, where she has her first (sticky) encounter with the large, winged creature and it’s feathery member.

But don’t worry, she’s not the only one getting in on the action, as it turns out Mothman is gender fluid and capable of producing whatever genitalia it needs to get the job done. It seems John Keel left that part out of his book about the Point Pleasant Mothman encounters, but thankfully Fap for the Mothman even provides a historical glimpse into Mothman’s unusual mating activities.

In the end, Mary Ann, Frank, and Alec manage to find some very compelling evidence of Mothman.

Including samples. LOADS of samples.

Cryptorotica: Fap for the Mothman

Fap for the Mothman is the third installment in Lenore Ronalds’ Cryptorotica Adventures series. Read more about Professor Mary Ann Worth’s paranormal exploits in Bigfoot Hunt Seduction, Sexwolf Howl, and Swamp Monster Lover.

Follow the author on Twitter: @DrLenoreRonalds