Let’s Play a Little Game About Death

Strike up a death positive conversation with a loved one or have some morbid laughs with friends with the Morbid Curiosity game.

Last fall I stumbled upon a Kickstarter for a card game called Morbid Curiosity, and eagerly spread the word in hopes that it would get funded so I could get my hands on it. The premise was that, through death-related trivia and opened-ended questions, small groups of friends or family could have a lighthearted conversation about their inevitable demise.

Thankfully the game was funded. In fact, it exceeded its goal considerably. Everyone has a little morbid curiosity to satisfy.

My copy arrived over the weekend, and it doesn’t disappoint. The experience begins with the presentation: An elegantly minimal glossy black box with the skull logo filled with 162 cards, each printed with a beautifully illustrated death’s head hawkmoth. There are two sets of cards. Black cards are trivia, asking like “Whose gravestone reads: ‘Dead men are heavier than broken hearts?'” or “True or false: Corpses soil themselves.” White cards, on the other hand, will undoubtedly lead to some interesting conversations with questions such as “If events from our life do flash before our eyes just before death, share one event you hope you will see” or “Upon your death, are there any items you want disposed of before your family sorts through your possessions?”

“Morbid Curiosity is not a harsh look at your own mortality, or some delicate, awkward conversation about the end of life,” the Morbid Curiosity website says. “Rather, it is a unique, well crafted game that lets people look at death while having a good time. So kick off your shoes, sit down, and get to know Death a little better.”

Morbid Curiosity game

Death trivia game

Morbid Curiosity game card

Deaths Head Moth illustration from the Morbid Curiosity game

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Morbid Curiosity: A Card Game About Death

This new death positive card game promises to turn morbid curiosity into a delightful group discussion about human mortality.
Morbid Curiosity game

The death positive movement has been gaining steam for years, working to transform the taboos of mortality into something positive and personal. A new card game called Morbid Curiosity (currently on Kickstarter) is a great way to start the conversation in a society where we have become so incredibly detached from the inevitable.

Kimberly Mead, a grief and trauma therapist from Austin, puts it best in the press release:

When asked “Why a game about death?” creator Kimberley Mead said “It’s the biggest mystery there is and honestly, we’re fascinated by it, obsessed even.” When then asked “but doesn’t thinking and talking about death so much depress you?” she answered “Actually it does the opposite, it helps me fear death less and enjoy living more. I think of it like this, we are all in a relationship with Death whether we like it or not, and we should be on speaking terms. So why not kick off your shoes, sit down, and spend a little time getting to know Death better.”

The game consists of 156 trivia and conversation cards (printed with an elegantly illustrated Death’s-head moth) designed to let people “look at death while having a good time with friends” with questions like “How was Alexander the Great’s body preserved?” and “Would you consider leaving your body to science or a body farm?”

Morbid Curiosity card game

I’m particularly excited about the expansion pack in the works called the Undertaker’s Deck.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until October 6th. Check out it out right here.

Update: Let’s Play a Little Game About Death