The Swim Reaper

The Swim Reaper: Death Goes to the Beach

Death enjoys some fun in the sun in these hilarious reminders to stay safe at the beach.
Lifeguard on duty
The Swim Reaper

This is what I feel like when I go to the beach. But you can still enjoy the summer even if you’re dead inside, right?

The Swim Reaper is a hilarious Instagram account featuring death enjoying some fun in the sun, from enjoying a pina colada with little umbrellas or playing some beach volleyball to floating in an inflatable flamingo.

Death enjoys a drink on the beach

Death gets a sun tan

Beach volleyball with the Grim Reaper

Death donut floaty

Death plays the ukulele on the beach

Death and his inflatable flamingo

Death shares his ice cream

Death on a jet ski

Death enjoys a pina colada on the beach

Death goes skinny dipping

Death is ready to hit the syrf

The Swim Reaper was started a few years ago by a group called Water Safety New Zealand to help prevent water-related deaths among men between 15 and 30 with the tagline “Swim dumb and you’re done.” In case you’re not sure what dumb swimming might be, the website features some reminders:

Yeah, calm spots on surf beaches are rips. And yes, they are a free ride to the bottom of the sea. But it’s BYO oxygen and you’re fresh out.


Think togs aren’t your scene? You could always throw on some jeans. At least you’ll get in some good cardio as you struggle to stay afloat.

Follow the Swim Reaper’s summer hijinks @iamtheswimreaper

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Rare Giant Snail with 6,000 Teeth Feasts on Earthworm

The giant carnivorous Powelliphanta Snail of New Zealand slurps up and devours an earthworm in this clip from BBC Earth.
Powelliphanta, the carnivorous snail of New Zealand

“When the air itself becomes saturated and the temperature is just right, rare giants start to emerge,” the narrator says in the beginning of this clip. The “rare giant” here is the fist-sized Powelliphanta Snail found only in New Zealand.

Not only is this snail big, it’s also carnivorous. The Powelliphanta’s diet consists mainly of slugs and earthworms. It sucks them in and uses it’s radula (a tongue-like strip consisting of 6,000 teeth) to shred it’s prey.

Watch the video:

I haven’t been this horrified by something so harmless in appearance since I learned about Hawaii’s carnivorous caterpillars.