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Nikola Tesla Educational Coloring Book

Color in the history of electricity with the Nikola Tesla coloring book created by artist and Tesla enthusiast Niffer Desmond.
Nikola Tesla educational coloring book by Niffer Desmond

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and beautiful illustrations by artist Niffer Desmond, you can now explore the life and electrical wizardry of Nikola Tesla, the “man of tomorrow,” through this fascinating educational coloring book.

While you color you will learn about the battle of the currents, when Tesla’s direct current went head-to-head with Edison’s direct current, as well as Tesla’s most powerful inventions, his belief in free energy from the Earth, and more.

A page from the Nikola Tesla coloring book

Get your copy of the Nikola Tesla coloring book at teslacoloringbook.com

Drone Footage of Russia’s Mysterious Marx Generator

New drone footage reveals Russia’s mysterious Marx Generator Tesla Tower in the woods outside of Moscow.

Named for the German electrical engineer Erwin Otto Marx who invented it in 1926, the Marx Generator “lightning machine” is used to create artificial lightning. So what is this one doing out in the middle of nowhere?

From the video description:

Normally hidden from prying eyes, Ruptly was allowed take exclusive drone footage of the stunning ‘Tesla Tower’ in the Moscow region. The vast research site is home to general enormous voltage impulse generators that potentially have the capacity to equal Russia’s entire electricity output.

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Russia claims the purpose of this bizarre machine is to test lightning protection on aircraft, which is just the kind of generic explanation that sparks conspiracy theories of weather control, EMP weaponry and more. Is it a Russian HAARP? Does it transmit electricity wirelessly like Tesla’s tower at Wardenclyffe was intended to?

via Mysterious Universe

Project Pegasus time travel experiments sent Andrew Basiago back in time to Gettysburg

Time Travel and Project Pegasus

Attorney Andrew Basiago claims a secret government program called Project Pegasus sent him back in time to Gettysburg in 1863.