Rosalia Lombardo, the blinking mummy of the Capuchin catacombs

Rosalia Lombardo, the Blinking Mummy

The well-preserved body of Rosalia Lombardo in Palermo, Italy’s Capuchin Catacombs is observed opening her eyes in this bizarre time lapse video.

Capuchin Catacomb Mummies of Palermo, Italy

Mummies of the Capuchin catacombs in Palermo, Italy

Mummies in the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo, Italy.

The monks began mummifying their brothers in 1599, entombing them in the catacombs below with their clothes and religious items. Soon locals began requesting burial in the catacombs, as well. One of the last to buried there before it closed in 1920 was Rosalia Lombardo, the child whose body has remained remarkably intact due to a process only recently discovered.