Giraffe Leg Lamp, Wet Specimens & Teeth

This week’s edition of strange and amazing things you can buy online right now (unless they sold sometime after this was posted) comes from a couple of my favorite shops, as well as a few new ones I just stumbled across. Dust off your shelves and make room in your cabinet of curiosities for these bizarre and unique pieces.

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Taxidermy Giraffe Leg Lamp

Taxidermy giraffe leg lamp from Pandora's Box in Milford, MA
This is a one-of-a-king original taxidermy giraffe leg lamp from Pandora’s Box in Milford, MA. You can find this in their Etsy shop right here.

Preserved Walking Leaf Insect

Preserved walking leaf insect display from Bug Under Glass
An expertly preserved Phyllium giganteum walking leaf insect display from Bug Under Glass. I will have one of these someday! You can get this one here.

Antique Circus Wagon Wheel

Antique circus wagon wheel from Woolly Mammoth in Chicago
An antique circus wagon wheel dated no later than the 1930s from Woolly Mammoth in Chicago. It is available on Etsy here.

Mummified Deep Water Isopod

This is a mummified deep water isopod from a shop I just discovered called The Curioddities Cabinet. This amazing little specimen is available here.

Human Tooth Lockets

These locket pendants are handmade by Bonelust Studio with real human molars for her Tooth Fairy line of jewelry. Get yours here.

Wet Specimen Octopus

Octopus wet specimen in glass sphere
Another great piece from The Curioddities Cabinet: a wet specimen octopus positioned inside a glass globe on an antique Victorian medicinal vaporizer. Get it right here.

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12 Weird Things Available to Buy Right Now

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that weird, hard-to-shop-for family member who collects skulls, bugs and taxidermy? Are you that weird family member? Either way, here are some amazing, beautiful and bizarre oddities for sale online right now to fill your collection or complete your Christmas shopping!

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Diaphonized Mouse Christmas Ornament

Diaphonized mouse Christmas ornaments by Greg Bowser of Pandora's Box oddities shop

These diaphonized mouse specimens are handcrafted by Greg Bowser of Pandora’s Box using a chemical process that leaves the soft tissue clear and dyes the skeletal system a deep pink color. Available in extremely limited edition right here.

Pandora’s Box has more diaphonized specimens and other oddities in their Etsy shop.

19th Century Trepanation Tool

Antique Victorian trepanation tool from Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities

A trephine was an early medical tool used to drill holes into the skulls of patients with various brain disorders or inter-cranial diseases. Archeological discoveries of cave paintings and trepanated human skulls suggest the medical procedure has been in use since prehistoric times.

This 19th century trepanation tool is available right now from Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities. You can find more weird things on their Facebook page and Etsy shop.

Hatching Egg Taxidermy

Taxidermy bird hatching from an egg by Divya

A taxidermy bird hatching from an egg on a brass stand by Divya! Available right here.

More in her shop: Friends Forever Taxidermy

Dissected Piglet Wet Specimen

Dissected piglet wet specimen from The Weird and Wonderful

A dissected piglet specimen preserved in a jar with formalin available right here.

More natural history specimens at: The Weird & Wonderful

Deluxe Feejee Mermaid

Deluxe Feejee mermaid from The Evolution Store

A deluxe replica of PT Barnum’s original Feejee Mermaid sideshow attraction available right here.

See more at: The Evolution Store

Skeletonized Graphium Weiskei Butterfly

Skeletonized Graphium Weiskei butterfly by Kevin Clarke of Bug Under Glass

This Graphium Weiskei butterfly prepared by Kevin Clarke of Bug Under Glass has been half skeletonized, a process that removes the scales of butterfly wings to reveal the architecture and membrane beneath. This museum-grade specimen is available here.

More bugs on the official Bug Under Glass Etsy shop and Facebook page.

Mini Shrunken Heads

Mini shrunken heads from The Evolution Store

These ghoulish shrunken head ornaments are available right here.

See more at: The Evolution Store

Galaxy/Space Hand-Painted Coyote Skull

Galactic coyote skull hand painted by Divya

Coyote skull hand-painted by Divya from real NASA photos. Available right here.

More in her shop: Friends Forever Taxidermy

Esodermy Sheep Head

Esodermy sheep head taxidermy by Sarina Brewer of Chimera Studios

This is a real sheep head preserved by Sarina Brewer of Chimera Studios using modern taxidermy chemicals and freeze-drying to preserve musculature and bone structure. It is available right here.

See more in the Chimera Studios Etsy shop and Sarina’s Facebook page.

Freeze Dried Bat

Freeze dried bat from The Evolution Store

Freeze-dried Cynopterus fruit bats from Indonesia preserved in sleeping position available right here.

See more at: The Evolution Store

Blooming Sparrow Taxidermy

Blooming sparrow taxidermy by Divya

A taxidermy sparrow with real dried flowers and Swarovski topaz eyes by Divya available right here.

More in her shop: Friends Forever Taxidermy

Taxidermy Rhino Head

Taxidermy rhino head

A happy-looking taxidermy rhino head mount from The Weird & Wonderful.