Granny Ripper May Have Eaten Her Victims

Russian Granny Ripper who admitted to killing and dismembering at least 11 people may also have eaten her victims.
Russian Granny Ripper is a serial killer and a cannibal

Details are still emerging in the case of a 68-year-old Russian woman caught disposing of human remains on a security camera, and they keep getting weirder. Tamara Samsonova, who has been dubbed Grannyball Lecter by the press, was arrested recently after drugging her 79-year-old friend Valentina Ulanova and cutting her up with a hacksaw while she was still alive.

The motive?

An argument over dirty tea cups, apparently.

Samsonova was seen on camera carrying body parts and a head in a cooking pot out of her home. Ulanova’s decapitated body was later found in a nearby pond. The head still hasn’t been found, and Samsonova isn’t telling anyone where it is.

Diaries found in her home alongside books on astronomy and the occult provide details of as many as 21 possible murders in 20 years, and reveal that the Granny Ripper may have eaten parts of her victims.

Police say she really likes lungs.

Though Samsonova seemed notably confused and disoriented in court, even blaming the murders on a neighbor at one point, she claims her actions were deliberate, that she wanted to be known as a serial killer. She told the judge she has been preparing to be caught for years.

Grannyball Lecter caught on camera disposing of body parts
Grannyball Lecter caught on camera disposing of body parts.

Authorities are comparing the diary confessions with unsolved cases of body parts around St. Petersburg. They also suspect Samsonova may have killed her husband, who disappeared in 2005.

The Granny Ripper will be featured in the Horrors of St. Petersburg museum.

Drone Footage of Russia’s Mysterious Marx Generator

New drone footage reveals Russia’s mysterious Marx Generator Tesla Tower in the woods outside of Moscow.

Named for the German electrical engineer Erwin Otto Marx who invented it in 1926, the Marx Generator “lightning machine” is used to create artificial lightning. So what is this one doing out in the middle of nowhere?

From the video description:

Normally hidden from prying eyes, Ruptly was allowed take exclusive drone footage of the stunning ‘Tesla Tower’ in the Moscow region. The vast research site is home to general enormous voltage impulse generators that potentially have the capacity to equal Russia’s entire electricity output.

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Mysterious Marx generator Tesla tower in Russia

Russia claims the purpose of this bizarre machine is to test lightning protection on aircraft, which is just the kind of generic explanation that sparks conspiracy theories of weather control, EMP weaponry and more. Is it a Russian HAARP? Does it transmit electricity wirelessly like Tesla’s tower at Wardenclyffe was intended to?

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Russian Man Dug Up, Mummified Remains of 150 Girls

Russian man robbed graves of 150 young girls to make grisly collection of mummified dolls with the remains and have birthday parties.
A mummified doll made from human remains by Russian man Anatoly Miskvin

46-year-old Russian historian Anatoly Moskvin, who was found with mummified human remains in his Nizhni Novgorod home at the time of his 2011 arrest, has spent the last three years being monitored at a psychiatric clinic. Despite being described as a genius, he has been found not mentally fit to stand trial.

Russian man Anatoly Moskvin created dolls with the mummified remains of girls whose graves he dug up.

Moskvin had dug up the remains of as many as 150 girls between the ages of three and twelve. He brought them back to his home where he dressed them up in dresses and stockings, named them and gave them birthday parties. He had compiled information about the lives of each girl and used information printed from a computer to mummify the remains and create dolls.

One girl was even made into a teddy bear.

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Krokodil: Flesh-Eating Drug Hits US

A flesh-eating narcotic drug from Russia called Krokodil has finally hit the US with two cases reported in Arizona by the Banner Poison Control Center.

Flesh-eating drug Krokodil from Russia

Krokodil is a home cooked, desomorphine-based mixture of codeine and other ingredients such as gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous scraped from the striking pads on matchboxes that is injected directly into the vein. It gets its name from the rough, scaly, alligator-like texture of the user’s skin as the drug almost immediately begins to cause rot from within. Blood vessels burst, the surrounding tissue dies. Gangrene sets in and blackened flesh falls from the bone.

Amputation is the common result, as well as dissipation of porous bone tissue, especially in the jaw.

Another terrifying effect of the drug is swift and severe brain damage, causing addicts to be described as “krokodil zombies.”

Krokodil originated in the former Gulag towns of Siberia in 2002 and quickly spread through the poor population nationwide, where rising heroin prices have made it an affordable alternative. The short-lived high, as well as quick onset of painful withdrawal that can last up to a month, makes the drug extremely addictive.

Flesh-eating drug Krokodil rots from within, causing flesh to fall off the bone

The life expectancy of a krokodil addict is one to three years.