Serial Killer Peter Kurten's head at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Wisconsin Dells

Into the Dark, Weird and Dead of Wisconsin Dells

A journey into the frigid wastes of Wisconsin for a meeting with the mummified head of serial killer Peter Kurten.

Granny Ripper May Have Eaten Her Victims

Russian Granny Ripper who admitted to killing and dismembering at least 11 people may also have eaten her victims.
Russian Granny Ripper is a serial killer and a cannibal

Details are still emerging in the case of a 68-year-old Russian woman caught disposing of human remains on a security camera, and they keep getting weirder. Tamara Samsonova, who has been dubbed Grannyball Lecter by the press, was arrested recently after drugging her 79-year-old friend Valentina Ulanova and cutting her up with a hacksaw while she was still alive.

The motive?

An argument over dirty tea cups, apparently.

Samsonova was seen on camera carrying body parts and a head in a cooking pot out of her home. Ulanova’s decapitated body was later found in a nearby pond. The head still hasn’t been found, and Samsonova isn’t telling anyone where it is.

Diaries found in her home alongside books on astronomy and the occult provide details of as many as 21 possible murders in 20 years, and reveal that the Granny Ripper may have eaten parts of her victims.

Police say she really likes lungs.

Though Samsonova seemed notably confused and disoriented in court, even blaming the murders on a neighbor at one point, she claims her actions were deliberate, that she wanted to be known as a serial killer. She told the judge she has been preparing to be caught for years.

Grannyball Lecter caught on camera disposing of body parts
Grannyball Lecter caught on camera disposing of body parts.

Authorities are comparing the diary confessions with unsolved cases of body parts around St. Petersburg. They also suspect Samsonova may have killed her husband, who disappeared in 2005.

The Granny Ripper will be featured in the Horrors of St. Petersburg museum.

Ed Gein's cauldron

Ed Gein Cauldron Up for Auction in Wisconsin

Antique cauldron with macabre history hits the auction block in Wisconsin. You won’t believe the story behind this thing.
An antique cauldron found covered in blood at the Ed Gein crime scene in Plainfield, WI
A cauldron that once belonged to Ed Gein. Photo courtesy of Pientka Auction Service.

In the world of collectible murderbilia, artifacts belonging to Ed Gein must surely be the Holy Grail. I’ve lived here in Wisconsin my entire life, and have never so much as laid eyes on an object that can be positively identified as Gein-related. Besides the jar of grave dirt in the cupboard from my last pilgrimage to Plainfield, of course.


So you can imagine my excitement when I opened my email earlier this week to find details about an upcoming auction containing a very unique and macabre piece of the Gein story. Amongst the various mundane antiques, the Pientka Auction website contains a photo of a rusted, insignificant-looking old pot. The caption beneath reads “cauldron with story.”

That is a bit of an understatement.

Ed Gein Artifact for Sale

Ed Gein cauldron to be auctioned in Wisconsin

According to Dan McIntyre, the cauldron’s current owner, his grandmother Evelyn Mair purchased the cauldron from the Gein estate sale held in 1958, along with some gardening tools. She painted the cauldron and planted flowers in it as a memorial for Gein’s victims.

McIntyre says it wasn’t until 50 years later that he learned the shocking reality of the inconspicuous flower pot that ended up in his parent’s garage.

Hollis Brown, a friend of the McIntyre family, had been a neighbor of Ed Gein’s. Brown told McIntyre that, after the police had finished photographing the crime scene, they were feeling sick to their stomachs. So he and another neighbor by the name of Howard Lowellyn helped remove the bodies and various remains. It was then that Hollis first saw the black cauldron in a shed, crusted with dried blood and guts beside tubs and barrels filled with what he described as bloody human entrails.

When he saw the cauldron again many years later in the garage, Hollis immediately recognized it. Pale and noticeably shaken, he told his son Carneth about the cauldron, saying that he saw something he had not seen in 50 years, and he wished he didn’t remember where he saw it.

Cauldron that belonged to Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein

Cauldron that belonged to Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein

The cauldron will be up for bidding this Saturday, February 28th in Hatley, WI. For more info go to the Pientka Auction website right here.

Ed Gein Crime Scene

Photo of Ed Gein's house in Plainfield, WI before it burned to the ground.

Following a lead while investigating the disappearance of local hardware store owner Bernice Worden on November 16th, 1957, police ended up on the Gein farm outside of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Eddie had bought antifreeze from the hardware store earlier that day. When investigators arrived to talk to him, they unwittingly stumbled upon the disturbing truth of Edward Gein’s isolated life.

Gein was arrested, and the state crime lab cleared out the grisly contents of his home. Boxes full of human remains were removed, including what was left of Bernice Worden, bar owner Mary Hogan who had disappeared several years earlier, and remains from numerous graves Gein had robbed. For years after his mother’s death, Gein had been gathering body parts to create things inspired by the stories of cannibals and headhunters he was reading in pulp magazines. Among the remains removed from his home were numerous creations, including masks made from real human faces, a female skin suit, a belt made of nipples, skull caps he had used as bowls, and a human skin lampshade.

The Gein Farm

An estate sale was held on March 30th, 1958 to sell off the remainder of Gein’s belongings. The house, which had become a tourist attraction and made the community uncomfortable, mysteriously burned the night before. Emden Schey bought the farm, the outbuildings and the homestead site for $4,658. Over the years he tore down the outbuildings, planted trees, and eventually sold off most of the property. The 40-acre homestead site, however, remained in the family. Schey passed it down to his grandson, Mike Fischer.

In 2006, Fisher attempted to sell the property on ebay, asking $250,000 for “Ed Geins Farm … The REAL deal!” Fisher told the press he was “just a guy who got stuck with this white elephant” and was tired of the “frustrations and the headaches.”

Had I done my research before visiting Plainfield that year, I would have read Fisher’s complaint about the ticks on the property and avoided a wholly traumatic ordeal.

Augusta Gein’s Crucifix

In the documentary Serial Killer Culture by filmmaker John Borowski, collector Rick Staton reveals a crucifix that once belonged to Ed’s overbearing Christian mother, Augusta Gein.

Ed Gein’s Ghoul Car

Sideshow operator Bunny Gibbons bought Gein’s car at public auction for $760. Amidst controversy, the 1949 Ford sedan Gein used to transport his victims traveled around the state. Fair-goers paid 25 cents to see the “Ed Gein Ghoul Car” and have their pictures taken with it. A sheriff shut down the exhibit when it was on display in Slinger, Wisconsin, and eventually the state banned it entirely.

Where is the car now?

The Gravestone of Ed Gein

The gravestone of Ed Gein in Plainfield, WI

Gein’s chipped and vandalized gravestone was stolen from the Plainfield Cemetery in 2000. It was eventually tracked to a band in Seattle who was selling charcoal rubbings of it on their website. It was recovered in 2001, though it was never returned to the cemetery. It currently resides in storage in either the basement of the Wautoma police department or the old jail museum of the Waushara County Historical Society.

Gein’s grave is now marked by the vacant space between his mother and brother, in the same cemetery where Bernice Worden lies, and graves once pillaged by Eddie still remain empty.

Skull Bowls and Skin Gloves

Though it is common to see photos online or find people claiming to own one of Gein’s macabre creations, Judge Robert H. Gollmar, who convicted Gein of first-degree murder in 1968, asserts in his book Edward Gein: America’s Most Bizarre Murderer that those particular pieces of evidence were destroyed after the investigation.

Plainfield Roadtrip

Ed Gein roadtrip to Plainfield, Wisconsin

If you are planning a roadtrip to Plainfield, you likely won’t find anything remaining that once belonged to Ed Gein. But you can still see the place where the Gein house once stood, visit the family in the cemetery, and see the old Worden hardware store. I recommend obeying the no trespassing signs and avoiding destruction in the cemetery.

Also, I hear it’s not a good idea to ask for antifreeze in the hardware store.

Update: Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans Buys Ed Gein’s Cauldron

Do you have Ed Gein artifacts or stories? Email [email protected]

Charles Manson’s Fiance Just Wants Him for His Corpse

It turns out the Charles Manson marriage is a deviant plot to get his corpse and put it on display. But this is only a minor setback…because he will never die.
Charles Manson's fiance Afton Elaine Burton just wanted to marry him for his corpse

Serial killer memorabilia can be big business – John Wayne Gacy paintings of his Pogo the Clown persona, relics from the farmhouse of Wisconsin deviant Ed Gein, Charles Manson’s spiders.

So why not Manson himself?

It seems as though Afton Elaine Burton, the woman who became engaged to Charles Manson last year, was only in it for his corpse. It is being reported that she and a friend planned to obtain Manson’s body after death to display in a glass case in LA.

The joke is on her, though, as Manson has informed her he is immortal.

Charles Manson gif

Manson was admitted into a medical facility two months ago for treatment of an infection, which has delayed the wedding. The marriage license expired last week, but the love birds intend to renew it when Manson is feeling better.

via The Independent

Serial Killer Trivia Board Game

Serial killer trivia board game

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