"Pine Devil" animated short horror film by David Romero

“Pine Devil” Animated Short Horror Film by David Romero

Artist David Romero brings the Jersey Devil to life in this tense and terrifying animated short film inspired by the legendary creature.

Death in Space animated short film

Animated Short ‘Death in Space’ Shows the Perils of Space Exploration

In space, no one can hear you scream…so you probably shouldn’t stick your finger in that.

Wunderkammer animated short film

Wunderkammer: Animated Short Film of the Erotic-Grotesque

Madelaine discovers an alluring object in her cabinet of grotesque curiosities.

The Rizzle haunted dance

The Haunted Dance

When Elena discovers a video online of a 1920s vaudeville dancer doing a curious dance called “The Rizzle,” she soon regrets accepting the challenge to learn it. The Rizzle is a short horror film created by director Josh Tanner for the Huluween Film Fest.

“I have been infatuated by the 1920s for quite some time and a little haunted by the music, fashion and video and sound recording aesthetics,” Tanner says, “that I couldn’t help but be inspired when I had an opportunity to make a new short.”

About the Huluween Film Fest:

Hulu’s hosting our first ever Film Fest competition with 8 up-and-coming filmmakers making spooky shorts that you can watch right here! The short with the most views as well as a vote from a surprise celebrity judge will win 10k and will be featured on all Hulu social media on October 31st. Watch if you dare!

Tanner also created another favorite of mine: The Landing.

Backyard Barbecue animated short film by Webster Colcord

Webster Colcord’s Bizarre Backyard Barbecue

Is something burning? The barbecue gets crispy in this short film by stop-motion animator Webster Colcord.