Terror in the Skies film by Small Town Monsters

Terror in the Skies: Doc Explores Stories of Large Winged Creatures in the Prairie State

What are the large winged creatures terrorizing the skies? Documentary looks at Chicago Mothman and other winged cryptids in Illinois.

Small Town Monsters, who recently brought us The Bray Road Beast, The Mothman of Point Pleasant, and other documentaries about local legends and lore, released a trailer for their next project. Terror in the Skies, the second film in their “Mothman trilogy” (The Mothman Legacy is coming in 2020), unearths strange reports of Mothman and thunderbirds in Illinois.

“Illinois is known for its miles of prairie, and for being a state rich in history,” the press release says, “but what if that rich history isn’t quite what you’ve been told? In this new film, from award-winning production company, Small Town Monsters, and director, Seth Breedlove, explore hundreds of years of terrifying reports of encounters with massive, winged creatures around the “land of Lincoln”. From Alton’s man-eating Piasa Bird legends, to recent sightings in Chicago of a creature said to resemble Point Pleasant, West Virginia’s infamous “Mothman”, Terror in the Skies unlocks a centuries-old mystery.”

Terror in the Skies includes interviews with Loren Coleman of the International Cryptozoology Museum, Illinois paranormal author Troy Taylor, and more.

Terror in the Skies documentary by Small Town Monsters

Wisconsin occult activity

Occult Rituals in the Backwoods of Wisconsin

Were the violent rituals of Satanic cults in the Wisconsin woods responsible for creatures like the goatman and the Beast of Bray Road?

The Bray Road Beast

Beast of Bray Road Documentary Tracks Down Wisconsin Werewolf Legend

This Beast of Bray Road documentary from Small Town Monsters tracks down one of Wisconsin’s strangest legends, the elusive werewolf of Elkhorn.

Small Town Monsters has produced a series of fantastic documentaries about some of the strangest backroads legends and lore from around the country. But, as a native of the great weird state of Wisconsin, I am the most excited about their latest project: The Bray Road Beast.

A clip from the film was released earlier this week of an eyewitness discussing the possible occult origins of the Beast of Bray Road, but now we have a full-length trailer exploring the phenomena of werewolf sightings in Wisconsin and around the country.

About The Bray Road Beast

“In 1989 a country road outside of the Wisconsin town of Elkhorn became the center of a media frenzy unlike anything the world had ever seen,” Small Town Monsters writes. “‘People were seeing, what looked to them, like a werewolf…’ said Linda Godfrey the newspaper reporter who brought the story to light in a local publication called ‘The Week’. In fact, many people -locals and out-of-towners alike- had sightings and encounters with the creature that came to be known as The Beast of Bray Road. Many of these sightings were largely ignored or under-reported… that is, until October 5th when the new documentary film, The Bray Road Beast will unlock decades of history relating to ‘werewolf’ sightings around the US.

“The film explores not only the infamous Elkhorn creature sightings but also centuries of Werewolf legends and myths from across the globe. From the predominant theory that witnesses merely saw an undiscovered species of large wolves to more bizarre aspects of the phenomena, no stone is left unturned in this 66 minute film, shot on location in and around Wisconsin. The seventh film from award-winning filmmaker, Seth Breedlove, arrives on streaming platforms and DVD.”

Beast of Bray Road documentary

The film, directed by Seth Breedlove and narrated by Lyle Blackburn, hits streaming platforms and DVD on October 5th. There will be a special sneak-preview screening of the Beast of Bray Road documentary at HorrorHound Indianapolis on Saturday, August 25th, and a Wisconsin premier at this year’s Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

UPDATE: The Bray Road Beast is now streaming on Amazon right here.

16th Annual Mothman Festival is Happening this September in Point Pleasant

The 16th annual gathering to commemorate the mysterious Mothman is happening this September in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
Mothman Festival 2017 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

It’s been 50 years since the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, as well as the bizarre sightings and unexplained events leading up to it. Was Mothman trying to warn of the impending tragedy, or did the mysterious flying humanoid creature cause it?

We may never know, but Point Pleasant, home of the Mothman Museum, Mothman statue, and the annual Mothman Festival, have made peace with it. The 16th annual Mothman Festival happens this September 16th and 17th, with live music, vendors, hayrides and bus tours through the notorious TNT area, a Mothman 5K run, the Miss Mothman Pageant, and plenty of food shaped like everyone’s favorite harbinger of doom.

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This year’s guests speakers will include:

Lyle Blackburn, executive producer of the new “Mothman of Point Pleasant” documentary, will be discussing “Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch”

Author and paranormal investigations expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley will be talking about the “Interdimensional Paraphysical Sasquatch”

Seth Breedlove, director/producer of “Mothman of Point Pleasant” on “Small Town Monsters: Turning Legends into Time Capsules”

There will also be a meet and greet with the AIMS Team from Destination America’s “Mountain Monsters” series.

Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV

More speakers and festival events being announced soon.

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Mothman of Point Pleasant Documentary Now Streaming on Amazon

New Mothman documentary explores in detail the strange events in Point Pleasant, WV that culminated in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.
Mothman of Point Pleasant documentary on Amazon

The latest documentary from Small Town Monsters focuses on the bizarre 13 months of Mothman sightings and other phenomena that happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia leading up to the disastrous collapse of the Silver Bridge in which 46 lives were lost. Mothman of Point Pleasant, narrated by cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn, is now streaming on Amazon right here.

From the description:

In November of 1966 a car full of kids encountered a creature unlike anything they’d ever seen before. In the weeks and months to follow, the monster (now known as The Mothman) was sighted again and again on country roads and around the state of West Virginia. As the sightings continued so did an increase in unusual activity.

At the center of this bizarre series of events was the town of Point Pleasant, WV. A small burb situated on the banks of the Ohio river with a lengthy history of what many might call bad luck. Over the next thirteen months Point Pleasant would undergo one of the strangest outbreaks of paranormal activity the world has ever seen. An outbreak that eventually ended in tragedy.

Mothman of Point Pleasant Trailer

Watch it now right here

Mothman documentary poster