Walter Potter’s Taxidermy Book for Christmas

Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy book

I found Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy under the Cult of Weird Christmas tree this year from Slasher Betty!

A Very Merry Cult Christmas

Cult of Weird Christmas Camel skull

Cult of Weird Christmas challenge: Put a Christmas hat, bow or ribbon on something odd and tag it #CultOfWeird on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr!

Oddities from Crystal Curios

It is always amazing to see what bizarre, unique and rare objects may be hiding in someone’s personal cabinet of curiosities. Here are some amazing pieces from the collection of Crystal Curios, the weirdest shop in Milton Keynes.

Vintage 4-legged duckling taxidermy

A Christmas card from Myra Hindley, the “most evil woman in Britain.”

Adam Rouilly half skeleton

Jenny Haniver

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