Giant Worm Monster Found in Vietnam?

Japanese weird news site Karapaia recently posted this video, depicting what they claim to be some kind of giant worm monster in Vietnam. A crowd watches as the beast is lifted onto a trailer.

1966 Forehead Grenade X-ray

1966 grenade embedded in soldier's forehead x-rayWhile the origin of this x-ray is unknown, it has been speculated to be a relic from the Vietnam war.

The x-ray shows an intubated person with a hand grenade embedded in the forehead from 1966.

This photo is rumored to have appeared in an old x-ray training textbook with a caption stating the soldier in this x-ray had been walking behind another soldier who set off a mine. The resulting explosion blew the grenade off the webgear of the soldier who set off the mine and struck the soldier in the x-ray.