Haunted Galloway House in Fond du Lac, WI

Coffin Corners and the Ghosts of Galloway House

Are coffin corners in Victorian homes a hoax? Historians say yes, but the history of the Galloway House suggests otherwise.

Weird Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

Wisconsin Oddities: Weird Winter Wonderland Edition

Explore the weird winter wonderland of Wisconsin with these true tales of a notorious frozen bigfoot, hodag encounters, a war over ice, and a frozen stonehenge.

Hillside Cemetery, part of the Witches Triangle in Whitewater

Digging up Bizarre Lore in Wisconsin’s Second Salem

Tracking down Wisconsin’s strangest legends, from the Beast of Bray Road and the Amityville Horror house to the witches of Whitewater’s haunted cemeteries.

The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion hatched upon the world a hoard of monstrous alien arachnids and the greatest low-budget horror film ever made

Childhood home of presidential assassin Charles Guiteau in Wisconsin

Presidential Assassin Charles Guiteau Grew Up in this Wisconsin Ghost Town

Ulao may be gone, but history will not forget this Wisconsin ghost town’s most deranged resident – the man who shot President Garfield.