Hotdogs & Crop Circles

In Search Of: Hotdogs & Crop Circles

Wherein a supernatural southern Gothic horror novel inadvertently inspires a trip into rural Wisconsin where hotdogs, UFOs, and peacocks run amok in the wild.

John Babbacomb Lee - The Man They Couldn't Hang

John “Babbacombe” Lee: The Man They Could Not Hang

Convicted 19th-century killer John “Babbacombe” Lee cheated death on the gallows in England, became a minor celebrity, and died secretly in Milwaukee.

Haunted attractions in Wisconsin Dells

The Haunted Attractions of Wisconsin Dells Past

A look back at some of the kitschy haunted attractions in Wisconsin Dells that have given up the ghost.

Mayville crop circles

Mayville Crop Circles: A Rare Eyewitness Case from Rural Wisconsin

Invisible aliens or strange weather? Wisconsin resident Arthur Rantala watched three crop circles form in a field near his Mayville home in this rare, well-documented case from 2003.

Benson's UFO headquarters in Dundee, Wisconsin

Bill Benson and the UFO Capital of Wisconsin

The small Wisconsin town in the heart of the Kettle Moraine State Forest has a long, weird history of UFO sightings and other mysterious phenomena.