Alien Photos Found in Attic May Be Proof of Roswell UFO Crash

Secret photos from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash found in an attic in Arizona depicting a dissected alien body may be the smoking gun.
Alien autopsy exhibit at the Roswell UFO museum
Alien autopsy exhibit at the Roswell UFO Museum

Newly discovered photos from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash may be the smoking gun UFOlogists have been waiting for to settle the controversy. Verified by a Kodak film historian as genuine Kodachrome from 1947, the slides are said to contain photographic evidence of an alien body following the incident.

So where did these photos come from?

Bernard Ray was a geologist working in the Roswell area in 1947, where he and his co-workers apparently stumbled upon the cordoned off area. Army personnel instructed them not to interfere, but Ray secretly snapped a few photos of the scene. After his death, his wife Hilda hid the slides inside the inner lining of a trunk in the attic of their Sedona, Arizona home presumably for fear of government reprisal.

The slides were discovered after Hilda’s death in 1989 by a woman preparing the Ray’s belongings for an estate sale. It seems she quickly understood the importance of a photo containing what appears to be an alien 3-4 feet tall, with a large head, lying partially dissected on a gurney with an Army blanket.

Notably, the body in the photo matches descriptions from eyewitnesses in 1947 rather than popular depictions of spacemen from the time.

The photos will finally be revealed to the public by Roswell researcher Donald R. Schmitt during the Cinco de Mayo event at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on May 5, 2015, followed by a presentation at the Roswell UFO Festival in July.

5/5/15 Update: Reactions to the Roswell Slides

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BC Sterrett
BC Sterrett
7 years ago

It’s been over a year. Can we see the slides now?

9 years ago

Let the denials begin! 😉