The Art of Ryan Matthew Cohn

The Collective Disease: The Art and Artifacts of Ryan Matthew Cohn explores the Oddities star’s incredible personal collection in his museum-like New York home, including his exploded Beauchene skulls, taxidermy, anatomical wet specimens, skeletal articulations, shrunken heads and a complete Greco-Roman period Egyptian mummy.

The exploded skulls, skeletal articulations and medical preparations of Oddities star Ryan Matthew Cohn
Cohn examines an elongated skull from his personal collection

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Ritoban Mukherjee
10 years ago

Hey Charlie. I am Ritoban Mukherjee, I am an amateur journalist on weird news, paranormal stuff and the like and I am an author at several paranormal blogs. I would love to join as a contributor for your site. I sent you an email with a sample post. Please read it. Thanks.