Dig up the realm of the dead, from mummification and funerary practices to modern green burial methods like Capsula Mundi and the Mushroom Death Suit.

Incorrupt nun in Missouri

Incorrupt Nun in Missouri

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, the incorrupt nun of Missouri, showed little sign of decomposition when she was exhumed from her grave 4 years after her death.

Casket for three at the National Museum of Funeral History

Casket for Three

Learn the tragic story behind the ‘triple casket,’ the family-sized Casket for Three on display at the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, TX.

Vidstone video gravestone has an embedded LCD screen

Vidstone Video Gravestone

Created by the “Walt Disney of the Funeral Business,” the Vidstone is a gravestone that memorializes your loved one with an embedded video of the deceased.

Eugene Shoemaker buried on the Moon

Eugene Shoemaker: The First Man Buried on the Moon

Dr. Eugene Shoemaker became the first man to receive a Moon burial when his ashes landed there with the Lunar Prospector spacecraft on July 31, 1999.

Was Forrest Fenn's treasure really found?

Was Fenn’s Treasure Really Found, or is He Planning Something Darker?

The hunt for Fenn’s Treasure is over. Or is it? A CBS anchor claims Fenn’s plan was to be buried with his treasure when he died.