Hand-Carved Tentacle Crib by Artist Garrick Andrus

In the crib of madness: Expecting parents commissioned this creepy crib with tentacles hand-carved by artist Garrick Andrus.
Detail of the Eldritch crib carved by Garrick Andrus

Atlanta artist Garrick Andrus was commissioned to build this crib with tentacles for friends who were having a baby. The caption on the Imgur post reads:

My wife and I wanted to get a custom crib to pass down as an heirloom to our children. This crib was designed and carved by Atlanta artist Garrick Andrus

The Eldritch crib is truly a thing of cosmic horror. The hand-carved walnut panels depict a dizzying scene of entangled tentacles, eyes, mouths, and a winding path into an ominous, crypt-like structure. Perfect for many future generations of Cthulhu-worshipping human larva.

Eldritch crib hand-carved by Atlanta artist Garrick Andrus

More photos here.

All they need to complete the nursery now are some teddy bears in jars.

h/t Boing Boing

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