Freshly Exhumed: Grave Digger Candles

The Grave Digger Candles shop launched today! Get your beeswax spines, skulls and coffins in time for Halloween.
Grave Digger Candles just in time for Halloween

We’ve been working behind the scenes here at Cult of Weird to get these ready for Halloween: Grave Digger Candles. Each candle is handmade by resident mad taxidermist Rob Reysen here in the backwoods of Wisconsin using only 100% all-natural, unscented beeswax.

It all started earlier this year when I told Rob we would have a vendor table at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. He retreated into the dark corners of his taxidermy shop and began working feverishly to concoct something with just the right amount of macabre.

That’s when I started receiving strange photos.

When he finally emerged, Rob had created a new abomination to unleash upon the world.

The candles made their debut on the Cult of Weird table at the conference back in June, but today we are happy to announce that they are finally available online just in time for Halloween.

Beeswax coffin candle
Toe-Pincher Coffin Candle

Beeswax skull candle
Skull Candle

Beeswax spine candle
Small Spine Candle

Grave Digger Candles
The grave digger himself.

Check out the official Etsy shop: Grave Digger Candles

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8 years ago

Spine candles pegs the weird meter. Before that it was the idea of North Korea attacking the South with naked clones on unicorns.