Crawford Long’s Ether Amputation

Crawford Long demonstrates an amputation using ether as an anesthetic in a tintype photo c. 1855-1860

This tintype photo c. 1855-1860 is a staged portrayal of Crawford Long’s first use of ether as an anesthetic in a surgical procedure.

Inhaling “laughing gas” become popular at parties in the early 1840s. Dr. Long noticed people under the influence of ether at these parties seemed to feel no pain. Long performed a surgery on March 30, 1842 using ether as an anesthetic to remove a cyst from someone’s neck. The patient insisted he felt no pain.

This is the only known photo of Crawford Long, though it is unknown which man in the photo is him.

More info on this photo can be found here: Nixon Library Owns Rare Tintype of Crawford Long

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