New Species of Stick Insect is Second Largest in the World

This new species of stick insect discovered in Vietnam is almost two feet long, making it the second largest insect in the world.
Entomologist Joachim Bresseel holds the second largest species of insect on Earth

Entomologist Joachim Bresseel is pictured above holding a female Phryganistria heusii yentuensis, a giant new species of stick insect discovered in Vietnam during a study by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. At 21 inches long, it is the second largest insect on Earth.

The purpose of the study was to learn more about the unique bugs, whose camouflage and remote habitats make them difficult to locate.

The longest insect in the world is Phobaeticus chani, or Chan’s Megastick, from the island of Borneo. It measures in at 22.3 inches.

via Discover

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St. Ends
St. Ends
9 years ago

I saw one much larger one summer when I was a child out riding my bicycle (Pennsylvania). I thought it was a branch, close to 3 feet, thicker then my thumb, and I stopped to move it from the road to politely clear the way for vehicles. I picked it up and it latched onto my arm. I was so surprised I didn’t make a sound but waved my arm around frantically until it fell off. I was so startled I rushed to my bike, took off and didn’t look back. I never saw anything like it before or after.… Read more »