Solar eclipse madness

Weekend Weird: Beware of Lizard Men During the Eclipse, More Flying Humanoid Sightings in Chicago, and More

As solar eclipse madness grips the country, South Carolina braces for lizard men.

Last weekend we embarked on an expedition to Chicago for the Flashback Weekend horror convention. Officially, the mission was to see Robert Englund, Lance Henricksen, and the Boondock Saints guy. Covertly, the goal was to have a close encounter with the flying humanoid phantom mothman creature so many have been seeing lately.

While there were no large winged beasts in sight, there also weren’t any massive disasters like we have come to expect from a sudden rash of mothman sightings. So we get points for surviving, right?

And now for this week’s roundup of weird news:

Another flying humanoid sighting in Chicago

13 million-year-old ape skull shows what human ancestors may have looked like

South Carolina warns of Lizard Man and Bigfoot during the eclipse

Bone’s marks suggest a cannibal ritual in ancient Britain

Benjamin Franklin mocked eclipse astrology to elevate science

Folk horror, a history

Carhenge prepares for eclipse madness

Record number of flying humanoid sightings over Chicago

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Sa-Nakht may be the first known ‘giant’

Police found no one worshiping Satan at the library

How the eclipse is turning Tennessee cities into boom towns

‘Nastiest sea creature to ever inhabit Earth’ named after Lemmy from Motorhead

Court overturns conviction of Oregon man claiming to be Sasquatch

The sound of an atomic bomb

Victorian Jack the Ripper diary authenticated

“Magical museum in a home close to the sea” for rent on AirBNB

Chaco Canyon petroglyph may represent ancient total eclipse

Decaying foot horrifies grieving family as they bury grandfather

Cult of Weird Instagram

We unexpectedly stumbled upon true crime filmmaker and H.H. Holmes expert John Borowski at the convention, who recently appeared on the History channel series American Ripper. His latest film Bloodlines, which focuses on the work of human blood artist Vincent Castiglia, will be out in January.

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