Elongated skull found in Crimea

Weekend Weird: Ghostly Radio Station, Occult Steakhouse, and More

This week’s weird news includes an elongated child’s skull found in Crimea, Russia’s ghostly Cold War radio station mystery, and other oddities.

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. The site was down from last week Friday until yesterday afternoon due to server errors (bonus point if you noticed!) So last Friday’s Weekend Weird was posted here.

Here is this week’s roundup of weird news and media:

RIP Jim Marrs

The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run

Remains of a child with deformed skull unearthed in Crimea

The fascinating lives of the women buried in the Glasgow’s Necropolis

Sorry, Mesopotamians didn’t invent the fidget spinner

I would actually go to Outback Steakhouse if it really was a front for a Satanic cult

Watch the trailer for Mark Borchardt’s new documentary on UFO Daze in Dundee, Wisconsin

Inside the ‘Ray Harryhausen – Mythical Menagerie’ exhibit

One-armed, machete-wielding clown arrested in Maine (It wasn’t Derry, was it?)

New study links abnormalities in the inner ear to out-of-body experiences

Man stabbed 7 times over ‘Magic’ card game dispute

Terrifying ‘Chicago Phantom’ encounter in Bolingbrook

Melting glaciers in Swiss Alps could reveal hundreds of mummified corpses

Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ house is for sale

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Museum of Historic Torture Devices in Wisconsin Dells
I stumbled upon the Museum of Historic Torture Devices in Wisconsin Dells a few years back. It’s a bit of unexpected to find the history of human cruelty in the middle of the “waterpark capital of the world.” But hey, the kids love it. Bring the whole family.

Trip to Mars vintage carnival photo

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