Ancient Shrines for Divination Discovered in Armenia

Excavations within a hilltop fortress in Armenia have revealed an ancient occult center with shrines used for various forms of divination.
Ancient shrines for divination discovered by archeologists in Armenia

Archeologists have unearthed three ancient shrines which they believed were used for divination rituals in a hilltop fortress in Gegharot, Armenia 3,300 years ago. Each shrine consists of a single room holding a clay basin filled with ash and ceramic vessels.

Clay idols with horns, stamp seals, censers and other artifacts were also found at the site.

Horned clay idols and other artifacts found at the Armenia divination fortress

Seeing the Future

Evidence of three separate forms of divination were found in the Gegharot fortress. Knucklebones of cows, sheep and goats were found to suggest the practice of osteomancy, and smooth, round pebbles found in a basin were most likely used for lithomancy. An installation for grinding flour in the east citadel of the fortress may have been used for aleuromancy, since there was no oven for baking.

The fortress may have served as the occult center for rulers of the time.

via Live Science

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