Drone Footage of the Ruins of Haunted Nocton Hall

Fly over the historic ruins of Lincolnshire’s Nocton Hall in this incredible drone video.

Before it was gutted by fire in 2004, the historic Nocton Hall was home to ghosts. It was originally built around 1530 during the reign of Henry VIII, whose fifth wife Catherine is said to have planted the chestnut tree on the property that still stands today. It was home to several prominent residents throughout the years, and served as a hospital for soldiers for much of the last century.

Over the years, members of the hospital staff have claimed to see the apparitions of various patients, a ‘Grey Lady,’ and a crying girl.

From Haunted History of Lincolnshire:

The ghost of a young girl was said to roam the halls and particularly enjoy haunting one bedroom within the building. Several staff who stayed in the room were awakened on separate occasions at exactly four thirty in the morning to find a young girl standing at the end of the bed. She was sobbing and speaking incoherently about a ‘devilish man’ who had ‘done this to her’. It is believed that this was the ghost of a young servant girl who lived in the house and was tragically murdered by the owner’s son after he had his way with her but then found out that she had become pregnant. This was obviously an inconvenience to the young master so he disposed of her.

Get a good look at what remains of Nocton Hall in this drone footage above by Theo Southee.

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Eric Jeric
4 years ago

This is a very informative article and I wanted to read more blogs on the above topic. Thanks for writing this post keep it up.

Michael McManus
7 years ago

What a shame it is gutted, would love to walk through it one day

Candy Clark
7 years ago

Can people get tours to the hall???