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2015 Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide

The 2015 Cult of Weird holiday gift guide has the perfect gift ideas to satiate the most morbid of appetites on your Christmas list.
Cult of Weird 2015 holiday gift guide

It’s finally here: The great and disturbing Cult of Weird 2016 holiday gift guide, filled with oddities, atrocities, and jolly Christmas abominations sure to make Krampus come knocking at your door.

Looking for books? The deranged bibliophile on your shopping list will love these dark and morbid books curated by the Cult of Weird community.

Krampus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Krampus ugly Christmas sweater
Besides department store Black Friday brawls and spiked eggnog, the two best things I look forward to most about the holidays are ugly Christmas sweaters and Krampus. This Gruss vom Krampus Christmas sweater combines them into a jolly celebration of St. Nick’s horned counterpart. Naughty or nice? Who cares when you have a sweater this glorious.

Relics from the Dark Side 2016 Daily Calendar

Cruel & Unusual 2016 daily calendar
Finally, a calendar I can get excited about. Cruel & Unusual will fill your 2016 with a morbid daily dose of human suffering. This calendar is a compendium of torture, execution and other human cruelty, revealing the dark side of history through text, photos and illustrations of terrifying devices and brutal practices.

Cryptozoological Tracking Society T-shirt

Cryptozoological Tracking Society t-shirt from Maiden Voyage
This glow-in-the-dark Cryptozoological Tracking Society t-shirt from Maiden Voyage is perfect for your next expedition into the wilderness in search of Bigfoot, Mothman, or other elusive fortean mysteries.

Gingerdead Men Christmas Ornaments

Gingerdead men Christmas ornaments
New from Pandora’s Box this year! Bring a little ghoulish Christmas joy to your tree with these delicious-looking (but not edible) maimed gingerdead men ornaments.

Beeswax Spine Candles

Spine candles
These all-natural beeswax spine candles are cast from real human vertebrae and hand-poured by Cult of Weird’s own resident mad taxidermist Rob Reysen.

Art of the American Fraternal Society

As Above, So Below: Art of the American Fraternal Society
From the book’s description: “The esoteric knowledge, visual symbols, and moral teachings revealed to lodge brothers during secret rituals inspired an abundant and expressive body of objects that form an important facet of American folk art.”

Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume

Krampus costume
Krampus is coming! And if not, because there are just way too many naughty kids to punish these days, you can suit up and help out!

Diaphonized Snake Wet Specimen

Diaphonized snake wet specimen by Asylum Artwork
Asylum Artwork has so many amazing oddities to choose from, I had a difficult time picking what should be included here. I decided on this snake because I’ve seen many diaphonized specimens, but the bones of a snake make it a very unusual-looking specimen.

Fiendies Astral Plane Throw

Fiendies astral plane throw

Old World Christmas Tombstone Ornament

Old World Christmas tombstone ornament

Body on Board sticker from Dead Sled

Body on Board from Dead Sled
The perfect bumper sticker for psychopaths and/or hearse drivers.

Ouija Board Sunglasses

Lindsay Lowe ouija glasses
Do you wear your sunglasses at night? If so, these glow-in-the-dark Fright Board sunglasses from Lindsay Lowe are perfect for your next midnight cemetery seance.

Antique Masonic Jewel of the Treasurer Pendant

Antique Freemason Jewel of the Treasurer crossed keys pendant
The “Jewel of the Treasurer” is an icon representing the treasurer of a masonic lodge. The symbol depicts a set of crossed skeleton keys. This antique silver pendant from Vera Viola is estimated to be from the late 1800s.

Krampus Ornament

Krampus Christmas ornament

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell
If you’re as obsessed with weird history as we are around here, this book by Marc Hartzman detailing the 300-year history of Oliver Cromwell’s head is the perfect addition to your bookshelf. It was included on this year’s Fall Reading List, but this limited edition of 50 is signed, numbered, and features a foil stamped cover and exclusive endpapers that reproduce a 19th century letter about the head.

Baphomet Ring Box

Baphomet ring boxes

Hand-Painted Sugar Skull Martini Glass

Hand-painted sugar skull martini glass

Chamber of Horrors Guillotine Model Kit

Polar Lights Chamber of Horror guillotine model kit
This is a reissue of the vintage 1966 classic Chamber of Horrors guillotine model kit. The blade actually drops, and the kit comes with magnets so you can play executioner over and over for hours of wholesome family fun.

Egyptian Mummy Excavation Kit

Egyptian mummy excavation kit
For the little weirdos on your shopping list.

Diaphonized Mouse Wet Specimen Christmas Ornament

Diaphonized mouse christmas ornament
A Cult favorite Christmas tradition: Every year the folks over at Pandora’s Box offer up these unique diaphonized wet specimens in a clear globe ornament.

Addams Family Christmas comic


Looking for more? Try these:

Warpo Brings Krampus Plush Toy to Christmas

Krampus Plush! The new collectible Don’t Cuddle the Krampus line from Warpo combines 1980s monster toys with creepy German Christmas lore.
Krampus plush toy from Warpo
View the Kickstarter campaign right here.

Krampusnacht is just around the corner, which means St. Nicholas’ menacing counterpart Krampus will soon be stalking the streets in search of naughty children.


To celebrate, the company that brought you Legends of Cthulu actions figures is resurrecting the glory of 1980s monster toys with a retro Krampus plush toy line called Don’t Cuddle the Krampus.

The adorable, plush Christmas devil is about 14″ tall in the sitting position! Included in the line are his three Naughty Kids: Headlock Harry, Gag Me Gloria, and Know-It-All Ned.

Krampus plush toy from Warpo

Krampus Kickstarter

The Don’t Cuddle the Krampus Kickstarter campaign has some pretty cool backer rewards, including stickers, t-shirts, coloring books, Christmas cards, gift wrap, Krampus Krunch cereal boxes…you can even get a plastic-molded piece of Krampus coal.

Unlike most Kickstarter campaigns I see, this one actually makes me want to go broke getting all of the Krampus accessories!

See more here: “Don’t Cuddle the Krampus” Retro 80’s Toy Line

Vintage Krampus greeting cards

Greetings from the Krampus

A collection of vintage Gruss vom Krampus greeting cards to fill your Yule with Christmas terror.