50th Anniversary of the Warminster Thing: What Really Happened That Day

Warminster UFO sighting inspired the 1951 film The Thing
The Thing: Movie Poster

It has been 50 years since the onset of the mysterious phenomena that concerned the English town of Warminster. In its memoriam, here’s what happened, once again.

It all started when an anonymous housewife reported hearing mysterious noises on the Christmas morning of 1964. She said it was a crackling noise that kept getting louder, like branches being pulled over gravel. The sound allegedly came from above her, probably the sky. The Warminster Journal reported the whole account in January.

This, in turn, was followed by a host of UFO activity.People began seeing things. In the sky. Cigar-shaped aircrafts and stuff. In fact, there was a whole Town Hall Council meeting dedicated to the subject, where local scientist David Holton was to prepare a report on it to read to the crowd. Allegedly, he flipped at the last moment and refused to read his paper, saying that he didn’t want to make a joke of the matter in front of the press.

More and more people came forward, and it seemed that the Christmas day noise had “killed pigeons in flight, peppered dormice with holes and stuns animals, partridges and pheasants. Some people say they have been knocked down by the force”.

The Vicar of Heytesbury himself bore witness to this strange phenomenon, after he saw a cigar-shaped UFO lighting the sky.

Gordon Faulkner, a local, managed to photograph the bizarre “Thing” that plagued Warminster. The photo showed up in the Daily Mirror:

The Thing Warminster UFO photo

“Within weeks, thousands of people began to converge on the town to see this strange phenomenon for themselves.”

It is said that weird happenings surrounding the Warminster Thing continued until the 1970s, one of the longest continuing UFO phenomena to have ever occurred.

This is the 50th anniversary of the Warminster Thing, and as we stand today, it still remains one of the greatest unresolved mysteries of history.

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