Anniversary of Weird: The Cult Turns 5 Today!

Cult of Weird is celebrating five years of mysteries, oddities and weird history.
Happy birthday Cult of Weird

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Cult of Weird, which I almost forgot about because I was distracted by pink flamingos.

So anyway…Cult of Weird has been broadcasting mysteries, oddities and weird history to the world since 2010, when I was scrambling to throw together a website where I could share my obsession with the bizarre and macabre. Since then, the Cult has grown exponentially, with hundreds of thousands of daily views from around the world.

These days, almost every time I post something about a specific location, at least one person comments that it’s just down the road from them.

Even when months go by that I don’t have time to focus on the site, the Cult still grows. Since it’s inception, Cult of Weird content has been featured by the Comedy Central series @Midnight, National Geographic, Disinformation, Rense, Elvira and numerous other personalities and media sources I respect.

That is completely surreal.

I offer my sincere gratitude to all of you that visit Cult of Weird every day and share these abominations with your friends and loved ones. 9 out of 10 grandmas stalking family members on Facebook agree: WTF?

Also, the Cult would not be possible without contributions in various forms by J. Nathan Couch, Rob Reysen (Mad Taxidermist) and Christina (Slasher Betty).

Thank you all for the support!

So what’s next? Earlier in the year I talked to Mysterious Heartland about the past, present and future of Cult of Weird. You can read that here: Interview with Charlie Hintz, Cult of Weird

Cult of Weird art by Capitan Houdy
Created by Capitan Houdy

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