Jesus and Mary on Google Street View

The Lord works in mysterious ways, such as photo bombing Google Earth.

Jesus and Mary appear on Google Street View

Apparently Jesus and Mary have grown weary of appearing on grilled cheese sandwiches and other random objects. They have decided to join the ranks of prostitutes and public urination caught on Google’s Street View cameras.

People believe a recent anomaly in Google’s Street View is Jesus and Mary hovering in the air on the A5 highway near Walensee, Switzerland.

See it for yourself right here.

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    B says:

    This is not what it appears to be. It is a hologram. I saw this very same image months and months ago in the same spot. If God decides to manifest himself it is for a specific purpose, he does not do anything without a reason. This is nothing short of a deceptive lie to get people to think that Jesus has appeared somewhere. A sure rule of thumb is to consult scripture when dealing with anything that appears to be supernatural. Do that and you cannot go wrong.

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      April Bialy says:

      B your right. The people who control our world can use that technology with chem trails. The metal in the chem trails acts as a projection screen. They think they’re so clever!


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