Cult of Weird

Happy Birthday Cult: Nine Years of Weird

Cult of Weird turns 9 and we’re celebrating with some new gear to cover your corpse with.

June 23rd is a day to reflect on the majesty of the pink flamingo lawn ornament. But it is also, coincidentally, the anniversary of Cult of Weird’s birth. Nine years ago today, after months of gestation and blood ritual, I made a sacrifice to the internet gods and conjured forth this website from the gooey void.

So put on your birthday suit (or someone else’s) and join me in wishing the Cult a happy 9th birthday!

To celebrate, I’ve launched a new shop where you can get some exclusive Cult of Weird gear to wrap your corpse and your crypt with – shirts, stickers, prints, and more. When you’re done celebrating in your birthday suit and it’s time to return it to the grave you exhumed it from, of course.

Take a look at some of the offerings:

Cult of Weird goat skull occult t-shirt

Cult of Weird Cannibal Isles t-shirt

Cult of Weird Shamash t-shirt

Cult of Weird oddities t-shirt

Since summer is here, you can get your official Cult of Weird summer camp shirt:

Cult of Weird UFO summer camp t-shirt


Over the course of those nine years Cult of Weird content has been view by many millions of people. It’s been on TV. It’s been shared by the likes of National Geographic, Elvira, and Neil Gaiman.

Thank you all for reading, following, and sharing!

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Lynne Stinnett
Lynne Stinnett
4 years ago

Happy Birthday Cult of Weird. Thank you for bringing such joy to my life by satiating my curiosity for the morbid. I wish you many, many more years of scaring the socks off your adoring fans.

Iain Holmes
Iain Holmes
4 years ago

Nice to see you celebrate your birthday on the same day I do