October Instagram Giveaway Contest of Doom

Test your knowledge of the weird! Enter to win a box of weird things from Cult of Weird on Instagram each week of October.
Cult of Weird October giveaway on Instagram

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Happy fall equinox! In accordance with prophecy, the shadowy creatures that live beneath the floorboards here at Cult of Weird HQ have coerced me into announcing their plans to infiltrate your brain pan by way of an October giveaway contest and boxes filled with fabulous prizes.

How does it work, you ask? And maybe you’re also wondering…will it tingle when their tentacles slither into my tender dura mater? Well, before we get into some awkward 50 Shades of Neural Manipulation realm, let me assure you that I have been instructed to ignore any such questions. Pay no attention to the sensation of slimy noodles sliding along your cerebral cortex.

Here are the contest details:

I’m going to dig up questions related to things I’ve written about here on the site, and post them on the Cult of Weird Instagram on Fridays.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is correctly answer the question on Instagram in a creative photo or video, making sure to mention @cultofweird and tag #cultofweird so we see it.

Then, each week the creatures and I will pick our favorite (correct) answer and ship you off a box of certain doom. Easy, right? There has (maybe) never been a more hassle-free way to acquire evil parasites bent on world domination while winning a copy of Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? By Cult contributor J. Nathan Couch, a nose-shaped pencil sharpener, a Cousin It finger puppet, and other prizes essential to your existence…all at the same time!

Fabulous Prizes

A few weeks back, while wandering around the local science and surplus shop for way too long, I found myself assembling collections of completely useless but irresistible items that I had no excuse to buy. But then, after the floor beings hatched and gained control of my subconscious, these trinkets found a greater purpose in the bid for total control of the universe.

Also, Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? (which was named the Best Weird Cryptid Book of 2014 by International Cryptozoology Museum founder Loren Coleman) is a fascinating fall read…and it fit nicely in the box. Everyone needs a little Goatman in their lives.

Each box of weird will include:

  • Zombie finger puppet
  • Small wood coffin
  • Miniature Moai
  • Glow-in-the-dark Roswell alien
  • Plastic beetle
  • Nose pencil sharpener
  • Cousin It
  • Box O’ Bones
  • Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? by J. Nathan Couch

Here’s some more propaganda:

Zombie finger puppet
Zombie finger puppets will vary from manifestation to manifestation.

Nose pencil sharpener
Insert pencil into nostril and twist.

Easter Island head fish tank statue
Your very own miniature moai.

Cousin It finger puppet
Cousin It

Box O' Bones glow in the dark skeleton
Assemble your own glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

Are you ready to submit your will to the forces of unfathomable cosmic evil from below? The first question will be posted Friday, October 2nd.

Watch for it: instagram.com/cultofweird

*May not be appropriate for people with heart conditions or peanut allergies. Please enjoy Cult of Weird responsibly.

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Lisa McNeill
8 years ago

Aw Yisss!!