The Devil in the Cornfield: Short Stories from the Summer Writing Contest

Weird Darkness host Darren Marlar reads the top entries from the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference/Cult of Weird speculative fiction writing contest.

Over the summer Cult of Weird and the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference teamed up to present a summer speculative fiction writing contest. Submissions had only three requirements: A 1500 word limit, a paranormal theme, and it had to be set in Wisconsin.

We received 40 amazing entries, the top 3 of which were read at the conference earlier this month. A recent episode of the podcast Weird Darkness, in which host Darren Marlar “presents stories of ghosts, demons, cryptids, unsolved, mysteries, aliens, and other things dark,” features the top 3 stories, as well as the two honorable mentions.

These stories are:

  • Beware the Bindlestiff by Carolyn Toms-Neary
  • Stopping Sirens by Cassie O’Rourke
  • Thinning the Herd by Eric Montag
  • The Fortune Teller of Rhinelander by Marlin Bressi
  • The Devil in the Cornfield by Zelia Edgar

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story for the contest!

via Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

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