Weird Wisconsin: Chatting with Mysterious Heartland

Cult of Weird creator Charlie Hintz talks with Mysterious Heartland about the origins of the website and strange things in Wisconsin.
Cult of Weird creator Charlie Hintz with a human skull at the Mad Taxidermist's shop
Examining a 250-year-old human skull at the Mad Taxidermist’s shop. Photo by Dragon’s Eye Artistry.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with extremely talented author Michael Kleen about Wisconsin oddities, as well as the origins of Cult of Weird and my childhood indoctrination into the occult for his website Mysterious Heartland.

Read it here: Interview with Charlie Hintz, of Cult of Weird

Weird Wisconsin

As you may know, the humble Internet outhouse that is Cult of Weird broadcasts to the world from the backwoods of Wisconsin. The town of West Bend, to be exact – a largely conservative, snobby and stifling community only notable for Goatman author J. Nathan Couch’s fascinating downtown ghost walks, and the fact that the Slenderman stabbing girls are currently being housed about five minutes from Cult HQ.

But there is still plenty of weird to go around here in Wisconsin, a subject I tend to be a bit passionate about. Get a few miles outside of West Bend and you begin to experience the wide range of bizarre things the state has to offer, from bear-wolves to underwater UFO bases. This is the state that tried to kill Houdini…if he hadn’t escaped. It was the original winter headquarters of the Ringling Bros. Circus. It was the home of the legendary deviant Ed Gein.

The list of strange places and deranged tales to be told about Wisconsin is endless.

Want more weird Wisconsin? Check out the upcoming Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

Late last year, I also had a chat with the Mistress of Death about all things Cult of Weird for the website Fangirl Nation. That interview is here: Interview with Charlie Hintz

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