Russian Man Dug Up, Mummified Remains of 150 Girls

Russian man robbed graves of 150 young girls to make grisly collection of mummified dolls with the remains and have birthday parties.
A mummified doll made from human remains by Russian man Anatoly Miskvin

46-year-old Russian historian Anatoly Moskvin, who was found with mummified human remains in his Nizhni Novgorod home at the time of his 2011 arrest, has spent the last three years being monitored at a psychiatric clinic. Despite being described as a genius, he has been found not mentally fit to stand trial.

Russian man Anatoly Moskvin created dolls with the mummified remains of girls whose graves he dug up.

Moskvin had dug up the remains of as many as 150 girls between the ages of three and twelve. He brought them back to his home where he dressed them up in dresses and stockings, named them and gave them birthday parties. He had compiled information about the lives of each girl and used information printed from a computer to mummify the remains and create dolls.

One girl was even made into a teddy bear.

via Daily Mail

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