Add Some Macabre to Your Fireplace With These Human Skull-Shaped Logs

Warm your self by the flames of your enemies burning in effigy with these skull-shaped fireplace logs.
Skull fireplace logs
Skull fireplace log – Buy on Amazon

These life size deluxe skull-shaped fireplace logs from Myar come in black, white, and brown. From the photos, it looks like the mandibles can be open, closed, or removed entirely so you can get the perfectly arranged pile of skulls in your fireplace.

Each skull is highly detailed (just look at those cranial sutures!) and hand-painted. They are made of fire proof steel-reinforced ceramic and lava granules, and heavy enough that they won’t blow away if you leave them outside in the fire pit.

Skull-shaped logs for your fireplace or fire pit

Skull fireplace logs

These skulls are a bit pricey, but totally worth it. Find them on Amazon right here.

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  1. Avatar
    Ron says:

    How did you make this? Like how many did it take, sid you glue or weld them together, spacing and ect. I would love to make this thank you Ron

  2. Avatar
    Meat Rocket says:

    Dude, I didn’t read the article. I come to the comments section for the answers in order to avoid reading more than I have to. How about you guys all quit complaining and wasting both of our time and just answer Tim’s question?

  3. Avatar
    Rob Brann says:

    If you had one or one similar to it, you could cast it in concrete and make lots. They wouldn’t be as durable in the fire but as they broke down I think they’d look pretty cool.

  4. Avatar
    Timothy says:

    I’m just wondering how to make them… probably cheape to make! I mean this display in the picture would cost somewhere around $1000. Rough estimate I can’t see them ask but I assume there are some hiding on the back side of the pic that we can’t see lol


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