Red balloon in the window of Stephen King's house

Weekend Weird: Stephen King’s Red Balloon, Holmes DNA, Floating Fire Ants, and More

Fire ants floating in Houston’s floodwaters, the identity of the remains in H.H. Holmes’ grave, and more in this week’s roundup of weird news.

DNA ends 120-year-old mystery of H.H. Holmes’ death

A mysterious grave and the mangled remains found within

Watch the teaser for the new Lore series on Amazon

60,000 people to be evacuated to defuse 1.8 ton WWII bomb

Pennsylvania authorities warn of creepy clown resurgence

Restaurant opens 21 stories underground inside America’s largest dry cavern system

Man skydives nude while playing a violin for his birthday

Red balloon appears in Stephen King’s window

Watch the new trailer for Invasion on Chestnut Ridge documentary

Cryptid Con is happening next weekend

Missing women may have been run through a woodchipper, entombed in concrete

60,000 bodies to be exhumed in London for railway construction

Train car from Ringling Circus to be a home for oddities, freaks and frogs

Psychic releases interview with Princess Diana’s lonely spirit

Nests of fire ants are floating around in Houston floodwaters

Dollhouse death scenes refurbished for Smithsonian exhibit

Cannibal turns himself in, was tired of eating flesh

Devil worshipper lawsuit claims schools were harassing his family

Museum visitors put child inside 800-year-old coffin, breaking it

No more creepy animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese

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